By navarre1095
Our local group disbanded and I procured this beastie from one of the members. I intend to finish tricking this baby out.
I'm calling it a Mobile Laser Containment Unit.
The lights work but they are wired in roughly. I'm going to install a siren and a roof rack too.
There is a place near the wheel wheel that rusted through. I sprayed expanding foam in the hole and painted it fluorescent green like ectoplasm was leaking out.
ImageECTO van
ImageECTO can
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By BRD 527
I wasnt sure how that would look by the way you described it but it looks very cool!!! :cool:
By BRD 527
I like the new lightbar! you should ditch the modern whelen bars and try to find a second bar like the one you just added. Is that a Federal Signal or Code3? I really like those old bars, I have a Federal Signal Aerodynic
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By Crabapple86
Hello from Seattle! I recently acquired one of my company's retired a delivery vans. It's a 2003, Ford e-250. I'm going to be turning it into a Ghostbusters ECTO Van. I started a week ago, and then found your post today! I work for a marine supply company, and I have already started acquiring broken cast off radar assemblies. Mainly for the motors. I have the no ghost logo on my van already, and I'm started the safety reflective tape. I need to find the call us, we believe you, and the phone number vinyls. I've got some of the parts to start the roof rack, and I need to get new wheel covers because the ones I have are dented and mangled.

If I find inspiration in anything you do? I will give you credit for it should I do it.
By navarre1095
I recently had this in a parade with the song/siren mashup blaring from the speakers and was amazed at the number of people who had no idea what this was supposed to be. Most did recognize the regional ghost busters in full load out though.
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By Macktacular
The green paint and foam to fill in and cover the rust spots is a really cool idea that looks spectacular. Awesome job on salvaging and converting old work waste into some cool props, that makes it look so much better!

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