By chyren
Hey folks I'm stumped..

I bought the whole set of electronics from GB fans and when I hook everything together the wand set works perfectly. Once I connect the pack lights kit to the board then the pack lights only flash a small white LED on the bottom and don't work.
If I disconnect the pack lights from the sound board and use a 9v snap connector to just test the pack lights they work fine.

Only when I hook the whole system together do the pack lights not work. If I wiggle the wire a bit I sometimes get everything working but the pack lights don't flash in sync with the wand lights and don't speed up etc once I overuse the wand and get the alarms. When I shut down the wand lights (which work fine) then the pack lights don't shut off.

Anyone else have this issue? I'm totally stumped. It hasn't worked right out of the boxes so to speak.
By chyren
I am using an 8x AA battery pack and I've even tried just using a 9 volt on both. Seems like neither option is having any different results. I also notice the board on one area gets very hot which was happening right out of the box. Is this normal?
By pasco334
I had close to the same issue with my setup. I found out the cable attaching the circuit board in the wand and the soundboard was bad. Replaced it and tada, all smiles. Attack the whole thing with a multimeter, it’s the best route.
By archinate
I had a similar issue awhile back - I discovered that I had accidentally popped out the micro SD card from the soundboard (it may have happened when I was hooking things in or adjusting the settings. It seemed to throw the lights out of wack and no sound. I clicked it back in one I realized it was popped out and all has been normal since.
By chyren
Ok here's the update...still not working.

1) Wand kit works normal when connected to the sound board. Zero issues.
2) Pack lights work when only connected to a 9 volt battery or my 14 volt battery pack only completely normal.
3) Pack lights light up in start up mode when I wiggle the connection to the sound board then just flash the last bulb on the bottom of the power cell lights.
4) Zero sounds and I've used two different speakers and both connected properly.

I've tried SD card and its connected properly.
By pasco334
This may not have any affect on your situation, but try and change around your toggle switches on the wand board. If the vent light is the only thing kicking on then you’ll hear the startup only perhaps.
By chyren
Nope. Again the Proton Lights work by themselves, the Wand lights work by themselves, when I hook everything together with the sound board the wand lights work, the pack lights don't work, and the sound board power LED doesn't light up. I tried emailing the webmaster but never got a response. Very frustrated.
By pasco334
Roger. If it’s not a issue with power then the boards bad. I don’t know any other way to contact them other than leaving a review detailing the issue. Perhaps that will get attention.

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