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By Alphagaia
I'm beginning to see why they cut it though. You can almost see the smoke machines used to fill the street with smoke.
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By Kingpin
Not to mention it doesn't feel like Ernie or Dan are delivering their A-game, they almost feel like they're ready to clock out for the weekend but still have a couple of hours left in their acting shift.
By Coover5
Keeping in mind the fact that Stantz goes to sleep in the following scene I think they were supposed to be exhausted but it really does come off as half hearted. I did like Aykroyd shouting "Ghostbusters!" to the guard. That was a nice quick joke.
By Peter Venkman Jr.
I really like the part where Ray tries to read the book in the officers bedroom and has trouble because its written in French. Having read about this scene in Making Ghostbusters, it is really great to finally see it in person.
By delta88
I think the meter that Ray uses (also visible on his belt on the bedside table during the montage section) also shows up on the workbench in the containment unit scene.
Its definitely on the workbench. It's funny that after decades of watching that movie I never noticed the piece in the montage. Now it's all I see. It's a neat little meter with minimal alteration. Should make for a fun build.

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