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By philmorgan81
janeb984 wrote: July 12th, 2019, 12:27 pm I still wonder if the teaser is actually part of the movie plot... I mean, if they don't know they are connected to ghostbusters,but the girl is aware of ghostbusters, and they are moving back to their home town, then how do they not put it together knowing there's ghostbuster stuff in the barn, the barn that's been in the family?

It'd make more sense to me if Paul Rudd was Oscar and it was his barn.
Too soon to tell janeb984. ;). We are not sure if the Ecto is in the families barn or if it's a neighbors barn and the neighbor happens to be a former Ghostbuster. We don't know and that is the wonderful thing. We also have no idea about what has transpired in the world of GB Prime since 1989. We have no idea how this world views the Ghostbusters in Present day. That is going to be one of the fun things to discover. Love it or hate it if you look at Ghostbusters 2 it took only 5 years for New York to forget about the Ghostbusters. By the time the movie opens it will have been 31 years since The events of Ghostbusters 2. That is a lot of time to catch up on what has become of the Original Ghostbusters. Also to top it off I have no idea if Calgary could double for New York in some scenes. So if the story itself actually is moved to Canada we are left with the other big question, "Why did the Original Ghostbusters Leave New York?" :):);)

God it sure is exciting and wonderful to be talking about it with a sequel actually in production. It will be very fun to find out the answers to these questions. :):):)
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By mrmichaelt
Cool. If my memory serves me right, for the first movie, they did do a little bit of filming in New York a week before principal photography started. I thiiink it was with Rick Moranis when Louis ran away from Vinz Clortho to Tavern on the Green, the Subway Ghost shot, and, as part of a camera and wardrobe test, the montage piece of them jogging down Madison Avenue around 61st Avenue. Then for principal, they did scenes like at Avenue of the Americas for the New York Public Library and Irving Trust Bank, Zombie Taxi Driver on Madison Avenue, and possessed Louis walks around in Broadway during the first week. So perhaps, likewise, Wolfhard and maybe some of the cast are doing a little bit of filming in Calgary before principal official starts on the 15th.
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By *NormalGamer*
RichardLess wrote: July 12th, 2019, 10:47 am I can't wait to reread some of these insanely far fetched theories on July 11th 2020. Should prove hilarious.

Fan theories are fun and all until they start becoming fan demands, almost like what happened to Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Game of Thrones. The theories proved so popular and interesting that when the movie didn't deliver people got angry and disappointed. Just something to keep in mind. So if Paul Rudd is just a teacher and never puts on a proton pack, don't be disappointed.
This is why I should 'never' rely on expectations too much, no matter how much you want them to be true; it will 'always' set you up for dissapointment. Nothing will go the way one wants it or thinks; Luke said it himself in TLJ.
By RedSpecial
While it can be fun to speculate, any perceived link is tentative at best until we have actual confirmation either way.

Character design could be reminiscent of any of the original cast but that doesn't necessarily mean there is a link there.

We'll find out soon enough once the studios hype machine starts firing up.
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By philmorgan81
Alphagaia wrote: July 12th, 2019, 11:45 pm
Kingpin wrote: July 12th, 2019, 6:58 pm Spengler-esque glasses and brown hair on Mckenna Grace. It's looking more and more likely the family is related to Egon.
I'm almost certain she doesn't need glasses and wears her dad's/grandfathers pair because she misses him.
That would be very Heart Warming. I am definately getting the same vibe. Looking at Finn and the way they have done up Grace is uncanny. I really don't want to jump to any conclusions, but just WOW. The family looks great. It is also awesome to see Ivan working so close with Jason as they prepare for shooting. :):):)
By BatDan
I got a bit emotional seeing this photo. Seeing Ivan on set of a gb movie again warms my heart.

Im getting a Spengler-vibe as well..but also, getting the feeling theyre going to act as the “dana/tully” characters of the story and have to call on you know who..at least thats my hope

How long before we actually get some concrete stuff on the story and if the guys are definitely back?

To quote mayor lenny..”now where...are the ghostbusters??”
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By Wiggyof9
I don't understand the people that think the kids are Egon's grand kids. GB2 was 30 years before the events of this movie. At that time, Egon had no established love interest. Even if he immediately settled down and had a kid, it would be unlikely that that kid would have kids of of their own that are the age of these actors. Could they be related? Sure. Grand kids? Seriously doubt it.

Same applies to those that think Paul Rudd is Venkamn's kid. That man is 50.

Frankly, based on what we know we should not be expecting this movie to be the GB3 we all want. It will be a modern version of Ghostbusters that is family oriented, but nothing will ever live up to the first movie... ever.... I just hope the movie in enjoyable and treated like a regular movie without trying too hard.
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By BatDan
They dont have to be direct descendants..they could always be Distant Nieces/nephews, no ones betting they are, its just fun to speculate.
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By deadderek
I wonder if we'll get some sort of sneak peek or behind the scenes when the original Ghostbusters is re-released later this year?

*fingers crosssed*
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By Kingpin
Alphagaia wrote: July 13th, 2019, 1:54 am That's why I think it's actually his glasses and she is wearing them to remember him.
I know it's something that probably gets glossed over a lot by Hollywood, but a person with 20/20 vision can't just put someone else's glasses on and expect to see through them normally, for a full-sighted person the corrective properties can be pretty disorientating.

If she is wearing a genuine pair of Egon's, she'd have to have a similar issue with her sight as him.

Heh. Ghostbusters 20/20.

I'm not convinced they're his, I am currently of the belief they're both a visual homage and... If I remember correctly... Potentially inspired by the girl's apparent interest in the Ghostbusters. She may well identify with Egon, and style her appearance accordingly, before finding out she's actually related to him.

And I think it's a strong liklihood they're related to Egon, what better way to pay tribute to Ramis, and to bring any classic Ghostbusters characters into the new film, than by assisting the surviving family of their fallen friend?

Seeing as we're spitballing theories: Rudd isn't related to Venkman in the slightest, he just gets the odd comparison, and is the natural stand-in. He is likely to be the love interest of Carrie.
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By timeware
There doesn't have to be a connection to the original movie with that. I mean people admire Elvis in his later years so Egon may or could have been a neighbor like Wilson from home improvement or Mr. Feeny from boy meets world. Imagine Egon living under cover and the kid discovers the barn after he passes.
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By Fritz
I've been staying out of this to keep from living down to my reputation, but here goes...
Wiggyof9 wrote: July 13th, 2019, 12:50 am I don't understand the people that think the kids are Egon's grand kids. GB2 was 30 years before the events of this movie. At that time, Egon had no established love interest. Even if he immediately settled down and had a kid, it would be unlikely that that kid would have kids of of their own that are the age of these actors. Could they be related? Sure. Grand kids? Seriously doubt it.
Alphagaia wrote:Also, no established lovelife?.
:eyeroll: --Excuse me?

On the surface, GB2 does sure seem to make this idea harder, no argument. On the surface.

However, scratch just a little bit beneath the surface, and in 1989 at least one fan (me) and at least one writer of official Columbia-licensed material (James Van Hise of the RGB comic) noticed a big gaping loophole that the latter went ahead and drove a truck through.

That loophole? In GB2 Egon and Janine never actually appear on screen together save in the "We're back!" commercial, which was, in-universe, a staged narrative. RGB and even IDW basically took the whole unpopular Janine/Louis subplot and chalked it up to a passing thing, with Janine possibly disoriented by the mood slime flow. Going by the movies only, forgetting RGB, GBVG, and the IDW universe, Egon and Janine's real status in 1989 could be whatever Jason Reitman says it was that works best for his idea.

So yeah, in a universe where the only things you *have* to use are GB1 and GB2, it's not impossible that a Spengler baby was born in 1985 and would thus be 35 by 2020. And thus if Spengler Jr, unlike his/her parents, fell in love and married early (c. age 20 c.2005) Spengler grandchildren in their early to mid-teens or younger would be plausible.

If the Reitmans are as aware of fan sentiments as they otherwise seem to be, doing something along these lines would be a major crowd pleaser, and yeah, tie in to the events of the first movie, as well as being a very natural route for Annie Potts's involvement in GB2020, and providing a heartwarming acknowledgement of the legacy of the Ghostbuster who's Crossed to the Other Side.

Now, do I expect this? No. Having the new characters "just" be some nieces/nephews/cousins of Egon is more what I expect, but admit that right now that idea feels like a bit of a letdown.
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By ghoulishfright
It would be funny and appropriate if they turned out to be Spengler test-tube babies...
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