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By ghoulishfright
Just watched SPLASH (1984) and noticed that Joe Cirillo, who played the Police Captain in GHOSTBUSTERS ("You do your job, pencil neck, don't tell me how to do mine!"), also plays a policeman in this movie. Apparently he was a go-to guy for playing policemen in 1984 New York City.

I like to think that he's the same exact character in both films, and Ghostbusters and Splash exist in the same universe.
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By Alex Newborn
Haven't seen Splash in ages. I'll have to check that out. One of my favorite Eugene Levy roles.

Someone pointed out a few years ago that the same policeman from GB is also seen in the SNL "Who Shot Buckwheat" episode.

I've heard he was a real former NYPD officer, and wore his own uniform in such roles.

EDIT: I checked Joe Cirillo's imdb page and it lists the SNL episode the week *after* Buckwheat was shot.

Jump to about the 1:38 mark to see him. I think that's him at 5:38 as well.

https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live ... urns/n9076

3-19-83, Season 8 Episode 16, Robert Guillaume was the host, with musical guest Duran Duran.


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