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By Brads_gimmick
Hi All

Firstly I want to say thank you to anyone who has ever written about building a pack on here and all the aspects involved. Over the last few months I have done nothing but read these forums and compile so much information around every aspect of building a pack and I could not have done it without all who have come before me. It is because of the community here that I am able to build today so again Thank You :)

Also If you want to see how everything progresses in "real time" I want to encourage you to check out my Instagram account as it may be some time between Posts on here as I want to bring as much value as I can where I can... and I'm also tremendously slow when it comes to writing anything.

My account is:

Now let's talk about my build... or should I say builds.

I want to preface this entire thread with I literally have Zero experience with anything regarding prop building. The closest thing I have to "build experience" would be a couple of Ikea Flat Packs!

Let's Begin....

The Scope:
To Build 2 complete proton packs
Pack 1: GB1 Hero Pack
Pack 2: GB2 Semi Hero

Pack 1: The GB1 Hero
With this pack it will most likely take the longest to build due to the fact that I am trying to aquire and assemble as many Vintage and screen Accurate parts avaliable so I can to keep in line, as close as possible, to a screen Accurate Replica. This means Aluminium Pack Parts, including a full aluminium wand, vintage greeblies... you get the Picture :)

Pack 2: GB2 Semi Hero
This was never my orgional plan. I considered making 2 GB1 packs but With so much information avalible and so many references avalible I changed my mind and I think for the better. This will be a Kit Build mostly with resin replica parts.

The Goal:
I want to ultimately produce a set of videos from start to finish exploring as many aspects as possible when it comes to building a pack. I really just want to make something I would love to have watched right now as I'm starting.

Again I appreciate your time in reading this and I want to update you all shortly with Parts lists for both builds.
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By starburst
Hey there, been following (and commenting) on your IG posts (callsign_ecto), looking forward to seeing your builds come to life both here and over on Instagram.

If anyone hasn't seen this guys account yet definitely check it out!
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By Brads_gimmick
Thanks Mate, I tremendously appreciate it!
TBH I really like being able to interact with everyone but for me it's just the convenience insta provides to be able to do it.
I love these forums but I almost use them like an Encyclopedia or Archives of the Many years of knowledge gathered more so than a day to day interaction.
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By Brads_gimmick
It has been a month between drinks and plenty has happened in this time with regards to parts arriving.

Again if you want to keep up to date on the day to day updates again I encourage you to check out my Instagram.

This week when I'm back from work I will be filming the first of what will be many videos of these builds. Which is exciting!

At this point in time I just want show you a list of essentially what's going into the GB1 Hero build.

Pack 1: The GB1 Hero

Shell/Motherboard: GB “STUNT” Production Linage Proton Pack Kit “VENKY” - Machina28

Neutrino Wand: Aluminum Complete From Production Measured CADD Files - Machina28

Other Parts from Production Linage from Machina28:
Aluminum Ion Arm End Cap with Brass Rod
Resin Hand Grips for Neutrino Wand
Resin Bumper
Resin Cast of Booster Ladder / Frame which I am using as my guide to Scratch Build the Booster Ladder with:
Vintage Dixon Ticonderoga #2 Pencils - eBay
Modern MDF - Bunnings
Modern Peg Board - Bunnings
Modern Ribbed rubber - Bunnings

LC-1 A.L.I.C.E Pack Frame Complete with Straps - Ebay

Modern Pack Parts:

I haven't yet decided on what configuration I want to go with the valves so for the moment I'm just going to list them on the pack :)

Clippard R-331 Valve - GB Fans

Clippard R-701 Valve - GB Fans

GB1 Style Ribbon Cable - FincherTech

1' Ribbon Cable Clamp - GB Fans ... ble-clamp/

3/4' Split less Wire loom - GB Fans
Side note: I will be grabbing some split loom shortly but this is what I have right now ... wire-loom/

1/4 Split wire Loom - GB Fans ... wire-loom/

Tubing - Jupiter Store
I won't be using all of these pieces as I have some vintage tubing that can replace some of the below.
2' blue tubing, 1/4" OD (600mm long, 6.35mm outside diameter)
1 ' green tubing, 1 /4" OD (300mm long, 6.35mm outside diameter)
3' red tubing, 1/4" OD (900mm long, 6.35mm outside diameter)
4' red tubing, 5/32" OD (1200mm long, 3.97mm outside diameter)
1 ' yellow tubing, 5/32" OD (300mm long, 3.97 outside diameter) ... _p_18.html

Vintage Pack Parts:

Raytheon MS91528-32SG Crank Knob Grey - eBay
Gen 1 Legris 4mm Straights (x2) - eBay
Gen 1 Legris 1/8 Elbows (x3) - eBay
Dale RH-25 - eBay
Dale RH-50 (with raised oval Dale Logo) - eBay
Dale PH-25 - eBay
Clippard 15090-1 Elbows (×3) - eBay
Clippard CINTI,O Elbow (Ion Arm End Cap) - eBay
Clippard Barbs (x5) - eBay
5/32 Nycoil Red Tubing - Private Sale
Clippard 3814-1 Red Tubing - eBay

Aluminum Parts

HGA - GB Fans ... elded-hga/

Beam Line - GB Fans ... beam-line/

Filler Plug - GB Fans ... ller-plug/

Ion Arm / Riser Tower - GB Fans ... d-ion-arm/

Vacuum Line - GB Fans ... cuum-line/

Injector Tubes - GB Fans ... injectors/

N-filter - GB Fans ... -n-filter/

PPD - GB Fans ... resin-ppd/

Mother Board Brackets - GB Fans ... -brackets/

Booster Tube - TBA
I haven't decided on who to purchase this off just yet.

Pack Cosmetics

In regards to the stickers and the Shock Mount / Bellows Arron Mack is currently working on both which I am eagerly awaiting their production but you can check out the updates on these and more here:

Deluxe Venkman "Crooked" Plate & Wiring Set - Nathan Stevic

Power Cell Lens - Freaky Geeky

Cyclotron Lenses + Diffusers - Freaky Geeky

Dry Rub Trasfers - Arron Mack

Joe Luna Metal Labels:
Bumper Label - GB Fans ... per-label/

Crank Generator Label - GB Fans ... tor-label/

HGA Label - GB Fans ... hga-label/

Fuse Box Label - Private Sale

Texture wise I have not yet decided how I want to texture the shell but I did however manage to get a hold of 2Ls of the HOMAX Orange Peel texture... I didn't really want to pay $160 to buy in 4 spray cans of them into Australia. In saying that options like Truck Bed Liner & Rustolum Multicolored Texture aren't out of the equation yet. I intend on testing all of these to find the texture I like the best.

Moving on now to the Neutrino Wand Parts now..

Vintage Wand Parts:
Gen 1 Legris 4mm Banjos - Karniverous Creations
Note: I don't know how many or what is left available but most off all of these items are gone ... 6828749186

Clippard 3814-1 Forest Green Tubing - eBay
Clippard Barbs (x2) - eBay

Modern Wand Parts

Slone White Hat Lights (x2) - GB Fans ... ight-lens/

Slone Orange Hat Light - GB Fans ... ight-lens/

LED Cliplites Red & White - GB Fans

Clear Acrylic Tube - GB Fans ... d-gun-tip/

Brass Rod Extension Leaver with Locking Ring- Freaky Geeky

Bar Graph / Bezel Kit - Spoungeface

If you have come this far I think you deserve to know about the electronics.
I am still undecided on exactly what I will put into this pack as I am willing to explore other options.. more on that later.. but I'll give you a look at what I have purchased so far.


GB Fans Amplified Sound Board - GB Fans ... und-board/

Proton Gun / Wand Light Kit - GB Fans ... light-kit/

Wand Light Kit Premium LED Tip - GB Fans ... m-led-tip/

Power Cell and Cyclotron Light Kit - GB Fans ... ight-kit/

Power Cell Ribbon / Cyclotron Ribbon Cable Connection - GB Fans ... bon-cable/

Proton Gun / Wand Ribbon Cable Connection - GB Fans ... bon-cable/

Vent Relay - Spoungeface

Cyclotron The Video Game Kit - Spoungeface

Strobe Light Tip - Spoungeface

N Filter Vent Kit with additional Kill switch - FincherTech

20000mAh 12 volt DC Blue Brick - eBay
Fusion MS-BT100 Bluetooth Module - eBay
BOSS B25N ground loop isolator - eBay

Vibe Pulse 300 Watts 6"X 9" Coaxial Speaker - SuperCheap Auto ... 01000.html

Thank you for making it this far... here are some Bonus Random parts I'm not sure if I'm going use but I have them none the less:

Vintage S13A-HT Bellows Type Thermostat - Hagan Auto Parts

Aluminum LED Reflectors - eBay
Frosted Acrylic Perspex Sheets - eBay

Woohoo!! We made it

I have a sort of Wish List of parts I would love to be able to get my hands on because these would just cosmetically finish off what I would like to do which include:
3x Gen 1 4mm Legris Elbows ( I read once they could go for $600 :P )
2x Slone Translucent Hat Lights
Blue Clippard Tubing both Light and Dark Blue to be enough to use on a single Pack
So if you have any of these I would love to have a chat and maybe work something out :)

Alternatively I'm also in the process of acquiring a couple more parts including a POP Mech from Freaky Geeky among others but that's pretty much it.

I hope you've enjoyed this so for my next act I'll work on doing a list for Pack 2 but right now ... I need a sleep
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