Talk about the your favorite Ghostbusters Collectibles from Mattel, Kenner, and more.
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By AlTheRelic
Dr.D wrote: June 18th, 2019, 6:13 pm I'm with Kingpin, never been a huge fan of the "updated but still old" figures. I'd love a nice 6" scale line with decent articulation and paint apps.
Dr. D, I'm with you & Kingpin on this one. I want to see action figures of our beloved childhood cartoons made with today's stellar toy making technology. The Kenner Ghostbusters will forever hold a place within our hearts but a new era has dawned & I would love for it to brings us toys to represent the present. Also, glad Kingpin is down for Extreme Ghostbusters too.
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By AlTheRelic
Leolao wrote: June 17th, 2019, 12:07 pm I think Hasbro is the company who can give us a 1/12 Ecto 1 and a new Firehouse playset.
Brother, from your mouth to God's ears. I'd kill for a modern day Ghostbusters firehouse for 6" action figures. Kenner's will forever hold a special place within our hearts but I really want one made with today's toy making technology as well as an Ecto-1 that like Kenner's can accommodate the figures.
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By AlTheRelic
mbd wrote: June 22nd, 2019, 7:02 am Mattel doing Extreme Ghostbusters and Men In Black The Series after WWE
Can you please post a source for this?
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By Peter Venkman Jr.
I agree with Fritz, if Hasbro does reissue the original Real Ghostbusters action figures I will buy them. Also I would defiantly buy a Janine action figure made with her mold from the Power Pack Heroes line. I am also game to see some Extreme Ghostbusters action figures, as long as Garrett is included this time and the figures are well made.
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By AlTheRelic
So SDCC has come to an end. Has Hasbro confirmed they have the Ghostbusters license?
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By deadderek
I asked them. This was their reply:

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By ShiftyHenry
deadderek wrote:I asked them. This was their reply:

"...until 2020"
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By 910dohead
deadderek wrote: July 23rd, 2019, 7:00 am I asked them. This was their reply:


I think you need to re-read your question/their answer. Technically, they're correct because of course they don't own the Ghostbusters license. Obviously Sony does. If you were to better reword your question like "Does Hasbro currently have a license to produce or manufacture a line of Ghostbusters action figures within the next several years?" you're most likely going to get the question avoided completely. Lol. That's because they can't twist their reply when you're being that specific. :cool: (<== That's supposed to be the Venkman emoji but I guess that doesn't work anymore like some of the other stuff on this site.)
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By deadderek
Ok so I copy and pasted the question to which they said:

"We do not at this time"
By grantofkings
Yeah...thinking is they may be in a situation similar to McFarlane Toys and Mattel with the DC license. Since Mattel technically owns it through the end of this year, and could is releasing DC toys at retail including new product shown at SDCC to be in stores by the end of the year, McFarlane didn’t show anything for their new DC line that starts in 2020. Not sure if that’s by WB/DC’s order or professional courtesy, but that’s where it is.

It’s hard to imagine product not being shown until Toy Fair in February, since that would mean summer before product hits shelves, or Hasbro takes the risk of either importing product without buyers, or buyers leaking all the product before its announced. Hopefully we learn something at NYCC in October.
By grantofkings
It’ll be interesting to see if Hasbro dives into collector props like they have for Marvel. I’m sure that would still be well below the price range for a proton pack, but I could definitely see them making traps and PKE’s comparable to what Matty released.
By modern homie
How likely is it they would rerelease the original RGB line? I mean, as a collector what does this mean for my collection? I just feel like we’re gonna see some lines of RGB rereleased. Probably the original line, super fright features, and Ecto Glow. Maybe an Ecto 1 as well.
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By 910dohead
It's about time Sony did their press release about this. Maybe some good news in light of the whole Spider-Man debacle? We were informed about the Hasbro partnership shortly before Fan Fest. Apparently, Hasbro will be doing a line of figures from the upcoming film. Beyond that I don't know anything else. However, I have speculated something hopefully pretty grand. I did post this in another thread here on the site but I can't find it at the moment. Anyways, when Fan Fest happened, they had that Kenner picture standee of the Real Ghostbusters figure packaging with distressing. While looking at pictures shortly after the event came and gone, I noticed something. Knowing that Hasbro was now the master license holder, I compared the distressed package art used on the standee to the Star Wars Retro collection packaging. It was obvious the same art file was used and the distressing was a dead ringer. Also, the Hasbro logo was on the back of the standee which having it at Fan Fest at all was saying something?


Now, i'm not saying that Hasbro is going to be re-releasing the Real Ghostbusters figures for sure. I am only speculating. However, one can't deny that this is some solid proof that something might possibly be in the works over at Hasbro. Personally, I would really like that to happen. It would be awesome to see the Real Ghostbusters line hanging on toy shelves again. Especially now as some of the vintage figures' plastic is starting to break down, getting those plastic cancer spots. Particularly the original 4 busters. They just didn't future proof the plastics in those days.

Maybe we'll get a retro line next year alongside the movie line?

I guess youtube links aren't working?
By GhostPrime
I do wonder if Hasbro will re-release the RGB line. I missed out on the Diamond Select (Cartoon colored) versions. :(

Really is a bummer too, that Dimond select RGB Egon is super price prohibitive for me. The rest I could find for only a small markup over retail. Why is he marked up so high, it wasn't short-packed was it?
By Wiggyof9
I really hope we see a Marvel Legends style of line. A mix of characters from various genres without to mesh styles together like DST did. Plus we need those Marvel Legends joints. I want to have Venkman hold his thrower over his shoulder, but that requires an elbow that can bend more than 90 degrees....
By Peter Venkman Jr.
I do hope that Hasbro got the rights for Extreme Ghostbusters as well. Trendmasters(who produced the EGB toys in 1997) went out of business a few years ago and I would think if anyone wanted to make more toys based on EGB, it might involve negotiating a different license than one for action figures based on the movies or The Real Ghostbusters.

Besides getting some new RGB action figures with better articulation and more accessories, I would love to see Hasbro make action figures based on ghosts that appeared in the cartoon.
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By McCrea
As reported from Ghostbusters News and Jonathan Cardwell

Found on Deep Discount

Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Mini Pufts Surprise $6.38
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Mini Plush $5.85
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Basic Proton Blaster $17.05
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Plasma Series Figures $17.97
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Fright Feature Figures $10.59
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Gut Busters $15.41
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Proton Pack $21.10
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters PKE Taser $17.05
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Playset $26.96
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Ecto Blast Builder $33.70
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Ghost Howler $17.05

Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Fright Og1 $10.59
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Fright Og2 $10.59
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Fright Og3 $10.59
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Fright Og4 $10.59
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Plasma Og1 $17.97
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Plasma Og2 $17.97
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Plasma Og3 $17.97
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Plasma Og4 $17.97
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Plasma Og5 $17.97
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Plasma Ghost6 $17.97
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Slime Lab Refills $6.38
Hasbro Collectibles – Ghostbusters Slime Lab Playset $29.75
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By grantofkings
Definitely ready to see what they have planned. If they’re on par with the MCU/Power Rangers, we should be in for good times. I’m also hoping they mirror Power Rangers and Star Wars Black, with no BAF incentive. I’m probably all in, but I like the idea of more accessories packed with each figure.
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By deadderek
*jaw drops*
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By McCrea
delta88 wrote: December 4th, 2019, 12:46 pm I'm curious if the Plasma series will be the collector line ala the Black Series with Star Wars.
Looks like it as these look like distributor prices. If you add 40% (standard toy/hobby profit) it adds up around 24.99$ (Black Series 6 inches pricing)
By Coover5
McCrea wrote: December 4th, 2019, 1:17 pm
delta88 wrote: December 4th, 2019, 12:46 pm I'm curious if the Plasma series will be the collector line ala the Black Series with Star Wars.
Looks like it as these look like distributor prices. If you add 40% (standard toy/hobby profit) it adds up around 24.99$ (Black Series 6 inches pricing)
That's what I thought but was confused by this ... sma&mod=AP
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By deadderek
McCrea wrote: December 4th, 2019, 5:03 pm It seems Ghostbusters News removed their post...
Sony likely asked them to.
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