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By Ectojeff88
I wonder if the game will make an appearance at Gamescom? With an October 4th release it could be an opportunity to showcase the game properly. Maybe even give some preview or info as to what the team decided about post-launch multiplayer?

It would be pretty awesome if there was more custom color outfits or even additional character models for 2020 mixed in at a later date.
What if there were new multiplayer maps based on new movie scenes??
Long shot I know, but if online is being rebuilt anyway it would be perfect to get some new tie-ins to further the life of the game.
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By One time
-Increased resolutions of the original .TEX files. (I don't know how though, unless they have access to assets that should be at Terminal Reality ex-employees personal PC's... The GBTVG discs only had low resolution .TEX files.. like the newspaper clippings in the GB firehouse or other textures. The resolutions were ultra low (like 400p).

The dev team mentioned finding the raw cutscene data on someone's home computer, so I'm hopeful there are uncompressed textures as well.

Where did you read that?

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