I havent used the adafruit MP3 board, but the FX board is really good with the exception that it doesn't have gigs of space. Having used a different shield you will definitely have to mod the programming, but it should work just fine. Would definitely go for the version with the 3Watt amp

So, after some playing around with the Adafruit FX board, SERIAL MP3 PLAYER V1.0 from CATALEX, and The Citrix EZMP3
The FX is great, but limited in space...cause I want to put more songs on it than I should. I also used the version with a headphone out and no amp; the sound volume was lacking for sure.

The MP3 player from Catalex is cheap and has loud volume, but it picked up a lot of distortion and had pops when tracks ended.Some crazy programming with timers is required for looping. I dont know if it has an "Amp", but it is louder than an FX board that doesnt have an amp.

The citrix EZMP3 shield has good sound, good volume because of the 3W amp, but only plays MP3 and Wav files. There is a pop after a wav file stops playing and a gap when one MP3 stops and another starts. I haven't been able to remedy this, but its not too noticeable.
I used the same headphone jack version on my droid.



I hooked it into a cheap audio amplifier and then out to two 120 watt 4 ohm 3.5 inch speakers. Droid has TONS of volume but with a setup like that you must use a ground loop isolator like this


If I wasn't trying to save as much weight as I was I would probably look at a similar setup in my proton pack.
My knowledge of this stuff is nowhere near where I'd like it to be, so I don't know if this question is incredibly stupid or not; but would a power bank like this work for powering the proton pack? If yes, wouldn't this eliminate the need for the power converters?

https://www.amazon.com/18000mAh-HuaF-Po ... ay&sr=8-19
Almost everything in the current design is 5v or 3v so you could potentially use that. It's basically a two output source with one output sporting 1 amp and the other up to 2. I would use the 2 amp output for the arduino/audio board/led's and the 1 amp for the audio amplifier. I would wire things the same just omit the converters and power the ardiuno from vin instead of the 5v since the output of that brick is a bit unknown. In the diagrams if you see things connected directly to the converter make sure they are also connected directly to the pack. You will need to modify some usb cables to pull the power/grounds.

It's hard to say how stable a voltage that will have under load. One of the reasons I went with larger voltage sources and used the converters.
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