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By ccv66
Fingers crossed for you. People talking about storming area 51, I'd like to get a group to storm Anovos.. Nothing but lies and false promises. No excuses , think I ordered the flightsuit 2016, I got a refund but I don't think they shipped that either. Man woman or child, you work for Anovos, you deserve a kidney punch
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Sorry mate but you got hustled most likely. The story with Anovos is that they sell a product they don't have with the hopes that the orders will fund production. It's not a sustainable business model because often they fail to get the minimum units ordered to finance their production. Think of it this way. A storm trooper helmet costs them $70 to produce and they sell it for $300. They sell 20 to preorders which lets them order 60 helmets from the manufacturer. Now they have taken care of the preorders and have 40 helmets in stock. The point here is that the only time you will ever get anything timely is if the old preorders left something in stock. They will hold your money in limbo forever waiting to maybe someday fund the bulk order. I would ask for a full refund. Now.
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By deadderek
They're straight up frauds, need to lose their licenses, and hopefully go completely out of business.

There is literally ZERO defense or excuses from the company. Completely unethical. Hopefully the lawsuit will clean them out entirely.
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By archinate
100% agree with others here - get your money back. Anovos is nothing but bad business practices all around from all reports I’ve seen.

The kits themselves are fine - quite good actually with a little extra effort - but I was able to get one off of eBay at a discounted rate compared to the official site from someone who I assume was re-selling their pre-order. I would suggest the kit only if you can manage to find a similar deal and not buy directly from Anovos.

Sourcing parts from GBfans, Ben of Kent, and elsewhere will be a much better option.

Really unfortunate that a company would squander their license and reputation like they are.

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