Discuss the upcoming movie to be released in 2020 and directed by Jason Reitman.
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By One time
Seeing as GB 2020 would be the first modern sequel to GB '84, this piece of music seemed a very interesting combination of 1984 and 2020.


You need a pretty clean low hz sound system not to get the bass channels interposing though.
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By One time
Unfortunately it suffers from the modern trend of the remix taking far too long to build up to the actual meat of the song.
Agreed. Though I dig it. I'd be happy to play that at house parties when I dj.

I wonder if there are more "modern flavoured" remixes of the originals or possibly hybrids or maybe even new songs with 80's flavouring (Retrowave, Synthwave, etc).

The only other one I know is not a remix but a remaster of the original Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters theme with the bass and treble levels cleaned up and maximized. Not what I mean with this thread, but still definitely worth a listen. I tend to think it's the definitive digital copy of the Ghostbusters theme:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MK7PEp ... sp=sharing
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By Danzrboy77
I would like to see up and coming artsts be used. Personally I would love to see " The Midnight" commissioned to do a song....especially since they have the '80's vibe' in their music.
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By Kingpin
Jim Latham writing some music for it would be awesome. He's the guy that did a bunch, if not all of the music for Extreme Ghostbusters. You can here some of his stuff here https://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/egb_score.htm.
While there were a number of memorable cues, a lot of Latham's work on XGB were mournful dirges, not really what I'd want in the next Ghostbusters movie.
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By GBforever84
One time, there is a sick Synthwave track titled "Ghostbusters." It's a track by the artist MAGNAVOX. I added it to my MP3 player on my pack. Definitely give it a listen if you haven't yet.

Danzrboy77, I agree The Midnight would be cool. Maybe even Gunship, Le Matos, or Mitch Murder.

I think Retrowave would be cool, because of it's 80's vibe, but a score would be good too. Just not Zimmer please. He is good, but overrated imo.
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By RichardLess
One time, there is a sick Synthwave track titled "Ghostbusters." It's a track by the artist MAGNAVOX. I added it to my MP3 player on my pack. Definitely give it a listen if you haven't yet.

Danzrboy77, I agree The Midnight would be cool. Maybe even Gunship, Le Matos, or Mitch Murder.

I think Retrowave would be cool, because of it's 80's vibe, but a score would be good too. Just not Zimmer please. He is good, but overrated imo.
I second the no Zimmer notion. No Hans Zimmer or any of his army of ghost writing acolytes. Except maybe John Powell. He's cool.

This needs to be a full orchestral score with minimal synth. My pie in the sky pick would be Howard Shore.

But it will probably end up a Michael Giachinno score or maybe Jason hires a B-lister like Feig did with Shapiro. Hopefully not.
By BatDan
Im kind of an 'get off my lawn' old man when it comes to 'new' music. the 80s and 90s was a much different era for soundtrack contribution. With the style and trends back then, it was easier to capture the 'camp' style of something like Ghostbusters. The music biz wasn't completely over thrown with manufactured crap just yet..maybe just a little..it was 'good natured' and somewhat silly manufactured crap like Duran Duran (view to kill) and Vanilla Ice (ninja ninja rap!)..you could get away with tongue-in-cheek songs back then.. "ghostbusters are back and all brand new! cmon!" and it fit the tone of Ghostbusters.

I just remember when a summer was based around the song of a movie, i remember when "kiss from a rose" complimented Batman Forever in an awesome way.

nowadays, people take things too seriously, theres a watered down, disposable, spiritless nature in modern pop music. it literally is completely geared for the starbucks sipping, ugg boot wearing crowd.

i can barely leave the Top40 radio on for 30 seconds before putting Spotify on, it all sounds like the same garbage. I think we already tried to put in 2010's stuff into a GB soundtrack, and it was all trash aside from the Walk the Moon cover.

I heard someone mention Bruno Mars, I'm okay with that, he knows how to write upbeat R&B numbers...he's got something that has that Bobby Brown/Ray Parker JR flare.

As far as score, my pick would be Alan Silvestri..he's done everything from Tales from the Crypt, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future and Predator..his score for Super Mario Bros is underrated. He knows how to balance/capture action, drama, horror, sci fi, and comedy (every element needed for GB) and make it sound big. I hope jason doesnt hire 'just some guy' and goes for someone with a good background.

Unless they can find some good 'indie' artists that strike the feel for GB or even go Edgar Wright/Tarantino route and just grab from different eras to create the OST, i say stick with score and the original RPJ theme.
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By Kid Chameleon
This thread poses a very important question. The soundtracks for the first two films were very different and were representative of very different periods in 80s music trends - it's going to be a tough call to bring the 80s dinosaurs we know and love into the 21st century. I'll be very interested to see how it pans out.

One thing we need to remember is that the old Ghostbusters are going to be in a mentoring capacity and are therefore not going to be the central focus of the film - the new Ghostbusters will be of the 21st century and will need their own music which will also be of the 21st century.

A couple of films that spring to mind that do a similar thing are The Next Karate Kid and The Intern; both of those films are about older people passing on their wisdom to younger people who belong to very different worlds and they both do it very well. The older characters get a new lease of life by being brought into the new generation. If Jason can get this right, the music should come naturally.

And Annie Potts is certainly no dinosaur. She's doing very well in Young Sheldon and her character in Toy Story 4 certainly got plenty of action. She seems to be doing a lot better as an older actress and I would say that she is the most 21st century ready of the old cast members.
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By robbritton
I reckon, as the Alien series has done with Jerry Goldsmith’s original 1979 score since Prometheus, that this one is likely to lean heavily on variations of Elmer Bernstein themes. It’s a very effective way of creating a shorthand connection to the first movie but also leaves room for new themes for the new characters.
By Troy
Crossing my fingers that Peter Bernstein gets the nod, as I know he did a lot of work on the original film and its orchestrations and is familiar with all the thematic elements and instrumentation. Also recently rewatched Canadian Bacon, which he co-scored with his father, and he has similar sensibilities and style as his father. EDIT: And how poetic and nostalgic would it be to have another son stepping into his father's iconic shoes?

As for all the needledrop cues in the movie? I'm hoping Jason has a surprise in store and he goes a little more Morning Becomes Eclectic than Top 40 with it all. The "Up In the Air" soundtrack is on heavy rotation still for me and, as I understand, Jason was really personally selective of all that music for the film. Betting/hoping he does something similar here.
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By RealGhostbusterJay
Nice to know they've announced that. I'm not familiar with his work but from what I saw in the GB news post the sample he provides…seems somewhat...plain. Obviously that's not a sample from the film score but both the score from GB2 and ATC in most opinions are somewhat lack luster. I'd hate a less then connecting score for this film. If you like the ATC and GB2 scores however, great, I do like some of the GB2 score. Elmer just hit the mark with a feel of fun, funny or scary and you need someone who can nail that again. While Jason is making a story of a family in the GB world that might be why he makes the choice he makes. He might not be looking to capture the same feeling Elmer did but a composer that can highlight the scenes for the family which is the prime story element here.

While it would have been great to see Elmer's son do it...he may not have wanted to. There are composers out there who can really pay tribute to famous composers while making their own mark. I've said before Michael Giacchino who did the Rogue One score. He really nails early John Williams and yet adds his own themes and it worked for me. While Elmer has some classic scores he's in most cases not a name most think of like John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Harry-Gregson Williams, Howard Shore, James Horner etc. So choosing this guy Jason did might be the right move because you want someone who can tell a story when there is no words and also add to the scene when there is. Hans Zimmer did two Batman scores for two different Batman universes. Why? First off why even try to make a new theme...Danny Elfman put how own theme back into Justice League along with Williams themes for Superman because he said "Why would you change that? Bond's theme is always the same even if the film scores around it change." I

If this new composer can touch the emotional family aspects of Afterlife because we all got feels from the trailer alone AND add notes of scary and also some fun but throw Elmer's themes in there because frankly put they should be there as much as proton packs. Randy made the mistake of not using Dana's theme or the main theme and I think that hurt him. If this guy can do that we may end up loving this score as much as the original or close.

Now that the score has been chosen there's the actual vocal soundtracks because obviously those reflect the times they're released so will they follow suit and do modern artists for the soundtrack which they did for ATC or will they do a mix of some retro 80's tie in songs with covers of the Ray song. Or maybe Ray does an updated version? I simply hope in a world of streaming that they release both score and soundtrack to CD still.
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