This is for other Ghostbusters Props that don't fit into the categories above.
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By TrekDad1
Is it just me or is the LifegardII dying to be made into a flask somehow? You know, for Ecto Coolers of course.

It has a dial at top that could double as a screw on lid... or has someone already done this? I didn't find one in my searching.

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By NotSabbat
The Circle City guys are a really good group. Im in Dayton Ohio and have run into them a few times. Ghostbuster Ryan helped out the RealOhio Ghostbusters quite a bit last year. He is really good at building stuff and coming up with new ways to do things, so good guy to talk to if you need to figure out something. Though they seem to have multiple good builders in the group.
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By Borzou
The original idea for a Lifegard as a flask came from Fernando (xxectoxx). He conveyed the idea to me and I conveyed it to them. Nothing ever came of it.

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