By Nktrum01
I recently just bought a khaki flight suit from the Ghostbusters fans website how do I go about removing the Velcro so I can attach the name tag in the proper position?
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By Kingpin
If you look at the area where the patch is attached from the inside of the suit, you should see a line of thread holding it in place. If you take a needle, or something similar that's thin and sharp, you should be able to apply enough force to snap the first bit of thread.

You should then be able to either start tugging the thread away further along the edge of the velcro with the implement you're using, or snap it, and pull out the remains.

You may even reach the point where it's so loose you can gently tug the velcro patch off of the suit.
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By Hcrank
get yourself a seam ripper from a local store, should be under $5, find the thread on the inside and find a single piece of it use seam ripper to cut thread, you should only need to do a few before you can switch back to the other side and use the open you created to gently rip the rest of the thread.
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By Mechanized
Assuming the name patch doesn’t go on the Velcro, does that patch have certain position it should be in?

I ask because I also have the GBfans suit.

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