By Justindl
Hi guys I am about to embark on my first build using Ben of Kent pack and Rabid Prototypes sound and light kit. I am desperate for a smoke kit to work with it but have messaged finchers a few times and had no replies and have been told that they aren't doing them for the time being. Is there anyone outside of them in the Ghostbusters community that I can commission/ can make me one? Thanks in advance. Justin :-)
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By Banjo
I have put together a couple of my own so far, but I'm still in the testing phase. I used a cheap clearomiser I got on ebay and a mini fish tank air pump from Amazon. A little solder to wire it up, and some hot glue with a piece of tubing and attach the two. Then you need a 3.7 volt power source( You can use a DC to DC buck converter) and a way to make the lights and sound board activate it, like a relay module.
This may sound intimidating, but it's actually pretty easy.
I used a tutorial online to learn how to make it.
Just replace the remote receiver unit they use with the output signal from your lights and sound board through the relay.
10 pack of clearomisers is like $15, the fish pumps are 2 for $12, DC-DC buck converters are 5 for $8, and relay modules run around $5.
What I'm finding with mine is that if I let the unit set for a week or so between uses, you need to run the setup for a minute or so to get the smoke working again. I'm not sure if that is normal or because of the cheap e-cig parts I'm using. I think I need to add a "priming" button outside my pack to get things flowing before an event.
everyone suggests the cangar K2 clearomiser, but I haven't found a good source for them yet and they are a lot more expensive.

If you want to try your own, I'd be happy to answer any questions I can.
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By Pieman007
Do you have a picture of how you have mounted it in your pack please? I made 2 myself but not sure on the best way to mount one in a Benofkent pack?
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By Banjo
I don't have a pic, but all I did was to cut a piece of upholstery foam to fit snug into the opening if the n-filter inside the pack, then cut a slit in the center that a stuck the e-cig through until the tip was inside the n-filter area. It seals off the filter from the rest of the pack, and makes the e-cig easy to remove to refill it.
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