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By Verdandi47
I've been frustrated with this, it's been getting dusty for months because if I'm going to make something practical, I want it to last. But then, I thought, THERE ARE PROPMAKERS HERE. Surely someone can help me figure this out.

During May-June-July, I worked on this for my husband:
Nice little doohickey that you can run your charging cable underneath to charge it. Even based it on the original arcade cabinet (with some artistic license).

I had already decided to do a GB one next. Did a few things a little different in terms of construction. Based the "pixels" on the monochromatic Nintendo Gameboy art with some artistic license. :) My issue is getting a secure fit of the back (Winston) to the sides (Egon and Ray).

Here it is "unfolded" the pieces facing up here will be "inside."

Here's views from all sides with it semi-pieced together.
Image Image Image

I haven't finished ALL the pieces. I was using this as a reference and built my own "blueprints" in my graphics program. My issue is the "tabs" that used to be on the back. Three tabs of "two" beads each. You can see where they go on the Egon and Ray panels. My only thought so far is to make the tabs longer and adjust the inserts accordingly... youc an see where I glued a wooden piece in to see if that would help. Unfortunately I didn't take into account the tabs that go through to the back.

Anyway, any suggestions welcome.
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