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By robbritton
Yep, I find tethers easiest too. Also, after playing this game through twenty + times, this playthrough was the first time I realised you’re meant to tether to the wall above the gate! It’s much quicker that way!
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By mrmichaelt
Slime tether is what I used, also using the dodge button while keeping an eye on the other angels I hadn’t tethered yet. Sometimes they broke tethers too quick but I somehow managed to keep myself and Ray alive.
Most definitely, having eyes behind Rookie's head and constantly staying mobile using that dodge button is key, imo. Idk, guess it was just me who opted with Capture Stream, lol. But being wary and dodging took me a couple attempts to get a hang of.
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By kind2311
The trick to beating the angels fast is to keep your back all the way up against the other gate. The angels can't dive bomb you as long as you stay there and keep moving side to side. Use the tether and make sure you have the target reticle and assisted targeting turned on. If the cemetery crawlers get too close, hit em with the overload pulse and ignore Ray when gets knocked down. As long as you keep your back against the gate and keep moving side to side, you'll be fine.
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By GBfan_CH
Kind2311 that’s how I beat them but I didn’t use anything on them at all when they dive bomb you they hit the gate and open it for you
What??? I’ll remember this. I think approx a third of my 2009 was spent trying to beat this section.
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By NSGhostbusters
Someone mentioned the gray flight suit not working when switched on. I'm having that problem too.
It was me! It doesn’t appear until you get to the Sedgewick, for some reason!
It is like that in the original release of the game too. It is intentional.
By SDaviS
Is it worth it to rebuy it if I already have the original version on Xbox 360, which is backward compatible with Xbox one? Besides that, I always want an Android version for GB, but it looks like an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC (maybe on mobile in near-future). If that true, I’m sick of this bullshit now. After trying the Fortnite on Apknite, I can say that Epic Games on mobile is a disaster.
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