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By signeddiamond
Anyone else been keeping their eyes on Adams social media? He has been posting (and deleting) a number of things strongly alluding to him building a much nicer pack then his current one. A few weeks ago for example he had a bunch of resin parts spread out on a table.

Yesterday he chilled with Jason Reitman and "Talked about some really cool stuff".

Its only a matter of time. Perhaps he even lurks among us now...
By Paco
watching that episode with his half ass proton pack really irked me. I'm also surprised he couldn't get the names of the parts right since he's usually extremely detail heavy (for instance, his han solo blaster which he sourced an actual mauser). but then again, it might just be his persona that he does when on camera and isn't as knowledgeable as he claims to be. they couldn't even get the cross the streams line right.

did he ever respond to people critiquing his pack?
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By signeddiamond
He is very detail oriented when it comes to his own builds. If he wants a prop built in his shop for display then the research takes months. However it seems his pack was never a passion project. More of a kit or something he picked up off a friend to put together a passable display. Now with visits to the new film set I can imagine his enthusiasm has been sparked and making a higher quality replica is on the agenda. You can still see that GB isn’t as much a big deal to him because he is using a bunch of cast parts when he certainly has the means to get the real stuff.
By BRD 527
It wasn't just the pack though his flight suit had a velcro no ghost patch where the name tag belongs and he was using elbow pads as knee pads :roll:
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By signeddiamond
BRD 527 wrote: November 23rd, 2019, 5:03 am It wasn't just the pack though his flight suit had a velcro no ghost patch where the name tag belongs and he was using elbow pads as knee pads :roll:
True but again the idea that someone might not be as big a fan of Ghostbusters as us should not be a surprise. I also am disappointed that 100% of the replies here have been negative. I always saw this place as more accepting of anybody’s interest at any level. From cardboard to full metal I didn’t think y’all would be so keen to call a guy out for not being up to your standards.
By BRD 527
twmedford23 wrote: November 24th, 2019, 12:52 am Let's see your packs, Paco and BRD...
My post was specifically about the half assedness of his uniform :roll:
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By signeddiamond
Twmedford23, while I appreciate your enthusiasm I’m afraid you are being counterproductive as well. This isn’t some competition and while I disagree with how Paco was shaming Adams outfit he should not feel pressured to prove anything to you or anybody. Let’s take it down a notch here and just appreciate that a quality build is being done and maybe it might just inspire new blood to come in to the forums.
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By NotSabbat
I was kinda of disappointed in the Savage pack as well, mostly because his stuff is usually stunning. However considering the amount of research I had to put into getting my right (for the most part) and the amount of people offering bad and/or inaccurate as "screen accurate" its not too surprising. Its a difficult landscape to navigate end there are a TON of places to get tripped up.

It would be cool to see him build another one. I would LOVE to see him go through the build himself.
By Glenn Frederick
I remember a Highly Reputable Seller of Ghostbusters Props (that has since retired) posting on their Facebook page about sending Adam Savage a package that possible contained a fully built Proton Pack to replace his first, which was posted a couple of years ago.

Could this be Proton Pack #3 or did Adam Savage purchased a kit instead of a fully built Pack and is now going to build it?
By BRD 527
twmedford23 wrote: November 24th, 2019, 9:38 pm Fair enough. Let's see the uniform.
Flight suit is from the shop here, patches are from katarra8 on ebay. Pic is like a year and a half old, sorry its all I had on my phone. :oops:

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By Lowberg
Anyone making fun of Adam's first pack obviously wasn't around in the good ol days where all we had were Norm's cardboard proton pack plans, and maybe 1 set of Planet Hollywood reference photos taken on a 2001 era digital camera hahahah. Hell back then most computers couldn't even play DVD's Give the dude a break!
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By signeddiamond
It’s really sad to see you bicker like children here. I hoped this could be a fun speculative conversation about a high profile figure making something that could draw new blood to the forum but why would they want to come join a pissing contest like this?

Mods, please lock this thread. I regret giving people the platform to argue over dislikes.

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