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By gbchef
I received an aluminum gun kit, vhook hook, n filter, and banjos and these items are beautiful!!!! RJ did a fabulous job as always!! Very happy repeat customer here!
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By PssdffJay
I jumped in on RJ's thrower run and I couldn't be happier! They are fantastic! I do need to finish my first pack before I can start on anything else, but I do have all of his aluminum parts going on my first thrower and they too are phenomenal!
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By Grimmy GB
Man was this worth the wait! The welds are immaculate, the parts are pristine, and everything is shiny ^^.
A little bit of a highlight that I must add is that I ordered his new pop mechanism using rubber bands. It's AMAZING! You pretty much control the tension with whatever rubber bands you use, but he supplies (what I believe to be) exactly what you need. Without the springs getting in the way, there's more room at which you will see for yourself.
Thanks, RJ, for putting up with me :cool:
By chaley
I bought an aluminum gun body with welded rear handle & was EXTREMELY happy with what I got! The turnaround time was super fast & the craftsmanship was flawless. I'll be buying other parts from him for sure.
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By Mike Decay
Ordered an extension lever and two brass spacers. Items arrived fast and in excellent shape. Thanks!
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By fvanhooser
Sorry this post took a while, been super busy!

Ordered a N-Filter from RJ through his website, but had a bit of a problem. The website glitched and never told him that I paid for the part. After contacting him about my part, RJ figured out the problem and quickly filled my order! RJ even refunded my $20 for the inconvenience.

RJ is a super professional and his parts are AMAZING!!! The craftsmanship of the N-Filter is flawless, the install was incredibly easy and once things were figured out, the part got to me really quick!

I will be placing more orders with him in the future!

By Stuntastik30
Got some custom knobs made for both the R331 and R701 Clippard valves. I've always loved the look of the vintage valves. The beveled edges of the knobs just looked awesome and I wanted it very badly. Unfortunately finding vintage valves are next to impossible so I got them custom made and they look fantastic! Spot on and made to fit the real Clippard valves.

The 701 is a single screw on cap while the 331 is an actual assembly of several replica internal parts. It even still has the ability to screw up and down.

Here is my original old/new stock R701


Here's my R701 with custom knob.


Here is an original Vintage R701 for comparison. See how close it is! (I forgot who's image this was so I'm sorry)

I don't have a clear picture of a vintage R331 but you can see on screen stunt packs that the R331 has the same vintage beveled edge.

Here is how my R331 looks with the custom knob.


Here's a look at the replica assembly next to the original assembly that was in the R331.



He did such an awesome job with them can't thank him enough!
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By Stuntastik30
Clippard still makes and sells the modular valves.

I know that. These are real Clippard valves I bought from gbfans. Clippard just doesn't make the valves with the large chamfered edge knob. So I had the knobs custom made. The rest is the real Clippard valve.
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By alphabeta001
I bought a reject thrower from RJ and received it yesterday in the UK. It was well packaged as were the other items I had ordered as well.

I can't believe this was a reject because I can't spot anything other than a couple of tiny tiny tiny dents on the sides.

Can't wait for my next order from RJ and I would happily buy from him again and again.
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By Ejgunth87
Supporting Member
Long overdue feedback. I ordered 11 throwers from RJ for myself and others in my group. Couldn't be happier with my order. RJ has also gone out of his way numerous times to give me shop and machining advice, and is definitely a stand-up guy.

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By barison82
I couldn't recommend RJ enough. I ordered the pop mech kit, Shook and side discs with the front gun assembly with master/inner tube and the quality is outstanding...good communication and professional service, with very quick turnaround. Couldn't have asked for better. Will deal with again :)
By alphabeta001
My final order from RJ (for now) of my N-Filter arrived yesterday.

Fantastic part, holes drilled, plates welded on and the main piece cut out for me. Can't wait for my shell to arrive.

Thanks RJ.
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By Ecto-3A
I didn't order any super complicated parts from RJ but what parts I did order I feel I received in a timely manner and in the finished form that was promised. I would be happy to do business with him again. Thank you!
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By Jordin
I ordered an almost complete gun kit from RJ, he kept me in the loop the while time, shipped it quickly and packaged it well. It was one of his off cast gun bodies so I could save a few bucks but I can't even tell where the issues are.
Pictures included
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By Mike Decay
Got a pop mech, split less loom to metal handle converter and hollow front cylinder. Everything is made to the greatest expectations. The hollow front cylinder is absolutely perfect for housing a vibration motor. Thanks again RJ!
By Laurent

I got a full kit a few weeks back, after having received frequent updates on how the manufacturing process was going, and most important exchanged a lot with Freaky Geaky on the options I wanted to make the pack I am aiming for. He always answered with great patience :) and was very helpful. The parcel received is simply fantastic ! Assembly pictures to follow with my pack build.

Thanks mate
By cprich22
I ordered a full metal thrower. The wand is fantastic and super accurate, the custom options i was offered on is were amazingly diverse. I had constant contact and updates on the throwers progress except for once or twice however the seller was experiencing problems in heir own life so thats fair enough.

The thrower was well worth the price, i am extremely happy with it, such a high quality and well made part down to every detail. Arrived well packaged and protected and although it did not come with assembly instructions it was easy to work out. I was missing a set of banjos and the trigger tip, however i dropped a quick line to the seller and he was very swift with dealing with it. He fabricated me a new set and shipped them internationally to me at no extra charge! This is customer service!
Well worth the price, very well designed products, very good contact and customer service and a reletivly short waiting time.

Fantastic 10/10

Heres a crunch bar, youve earned it. :cool:
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By JoeLuna33
RJ is the metal parts supplier for all of my pack builds. I don't leave near enough feedback for him. I recently placed an order for a commission I am currently working on and they showed up super quick and are superb quality as always. In my opinion he is THE go to guy for aluminum pack parts and throwers.
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By GohstTarp
I had purchased RJ's original design Pop Mech back when he first released it along with his Part Upgrades plan. When it came time to install, I noticed that he had released an updated version. I reached out to RJ about using my Part Upgrades plan option and he was great about getting me the best upgraded Pop Mech parts for my CPU64 thrower. His Part Upgrades service was fast and professional. Thank you, RJ!
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By barison82
More positive feedback (which is a bit overdue - sorry!) for RJ - for his fantastic all-metal Thrower, with specific options/details thrown in...the welds are superb, the craftmanship is top quality and again, I could not recommend RJ enough! There was a delay in getting this Thrower, none of which was a problem - however he very kindly offered me a discount on the next bunch of parts I ordered, which is above and beyond. Well worth the price, fantastic products, excellent customer service, highly recommended as always.

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By barison82
More positive feedback for a fantastic set of aluminium hero pack parts - all superb quality and beautifully machined. RJ let me have these parts at a discount due to a delay with my previous order for an aluminium thrower - so he really looked after me. Again I cannot recommend this guy enough, the quality is just top-notch :) Thanks again!
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By H2Ghost
My steel HGA label arrived today and it's a beautiful little piece. Highly recommended. It has a clean but scruffy look that really gives it a lot of personality. Shipping costs seemed a little high but I'm so pleased with the work that I'm glad it didn't stop me. Much better than a sticker!
By MagicMan666
I decided it was time to finish off my pack with the final bits I wanted in metal, the trigger tip, front knob, small knob, tip converter and a proper clear tube. Had great communication when I was asking questions, arrived quickly and best of all the stuff was awesome! My pack looks a lot better with these changes and I'm very happy. I'll be buying his goggle parts when more are in stock!
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By RealGhostbusterJay
I bought the barrel extension lever and pretty much all the knobs for the thrower I had commissioned for me and these items were purchased from Freaky Geeky and he was awesome. Better then the pack itself. Fast, easy communication and great work and response time.
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By Wedgeismyhero
Just received Freaky Geeky's pop mech, and extended acrylic barrel, and holy hell, these are beautiful parts. I think I'm missing one nut for one of the bolts, but nothing I can't go find from my local hardware store. The quality is incredible. I may have to pick up another one just to have handy!
10/10 Stars.
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By doctorevil30564
I've had several interactions with Freaky Geeky, I bought his brass machined replica banjos for my wand (awesome quality, fast shipping). And my most recent purchase was for two of his spirit halloween PKE Meter glass screen upgrades (both were excellent quality and super easy to install, and shipping was fast). He has excellent communication skills and is fast to respond to questions sent through email on his website as well as through facebook.
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