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BY Beelowgonha
hey im new here but im starting off with a big project of my own. i am going to try and make a replica of the original ecto-1, i know wrong car, if you can find me one let me know, I got this car from my uncle who used it for promotional purposes during holloween, the car was originallt brown, and was spray painted black. the car is not in too horrible condition and I am going to be restoring it, while also making my childhood dream come true of owning the ecto 1 and being my own ghostbuster, sadly it wasnt a 59-64 but i take what i can get, and this is a hell of a lot better than anything else i could do. i have come here to update the gb about how i did my car and how you could do yours.
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BY Beelowgonha
Really big news. I just got some steel pipe for my sniffer, I gave a shop some instructions on how to produce the sniffer and right now I got the box. I will be giving the metal tubes to the shop to weld together and make one bad ass sniffer! I also got the blue lights in front of the blue light bars, many people go for the screen accurate ones but I used the relatively cheap "6" Navigator NV-802C" which looks pretty much the same as what's on the car. They were about 20 bucks each on eBay. I also got the 6ft gray hose that runs next to the ladder, the biggest news of all I got my roof rack being produced in this shop aswell. More updates soon to come and pictures maybe, if I can find out how to upload pictures :whatever: :whatever: :whatever:
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