By ZedR
I purchased the GB1 Stantz jumpsuit from the last propstore auction - I'm happy to share any details to help make jumpsuits more accurate.

I know these things have already been analyzed to death, so there may not be anything that anyone needs to know at this point.

But if there are any questions - Measurements, colors, patch comparisons, whatever - ask away. I will share what I can.


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By NotSabbat
Thats amazing! Thank you for being willing to share with community!

My first thought is to take a picture of the tag on the inside of the jumpsuit so we can get manufacturer etc info, get dimensions of the name patch and no ghost logo; a picture of a ruler on top of the name tape or no ghost logo would be good to get dimensions.
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By ZedR
Here’s some pics. It was originally made with two different material batches. The lighter color faded over the years. Not that noticeable depending on lighting,

There is a black sewn label from the studio in the collar, but no maker tags.

Side entry actually has pockets sewn in - 2”x11”

Zipper brand on the side entry differs from the rest, and is branded “Kover Zip”

No brands marked on the other zippers.

Name tag is 2 1/8” x 4 3/8”

No ghost patch - ghost portion is thin white felt

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