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By Chicken, He Clucked
This could be one for Fan Art, but I figure it might have more interest here due to the broader scope.

I recently watched the stream / DVD rips of Real Ghostbusters and after 30 years the transfer isn't holding up so great. There's also little chance of an official remaster - certainly not at 4K or widescreen ratio.

With that in mind I took to remaking part of the intro. The original plan was to animate but this poses a challenge due to how the perspective is animated and the muddy quality of the existing streams, so inevitably the task will require making some changes which deviate from a straight remaster and also add a lot of extra time. So for now I settled on attempting to remake a single scene - redrawing the background detail at a higher resolution and overlaying an offset RGB channel blur to replicate CRT glow.

The plan is to keep working on scenes from the intro, with a view to eventually animating.

Let me know what you think. :blush:

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I'm loving what I'm seeing, and I'm quite envious of your skill at replicating matte background paintings. :)
Cheers, it took a while - I drew it all out in Photoshop and used gradient / paintbrush on the relevant areas - it looks a lot sharper before I add the RGB blur effects.

Thankfully a lot of the shots have simple or obscured matte backgrounds. Next up is the Egon and Ray reaction shot.
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Could you use something like waifu2x? The Real Ghostbusters was animated by various Japanese studios in an proto anime style. I've been thinking of trying this myself if I get enough time and can free up enough of hd space I'd need.
Specifically waifu2x - not to my knowledge. There are too many limitations and I ran the original through at their maximum size and it came out looking just as rough. But maybe there are settings or tools out there that improve the result.

There is some up-res software emerging for game emulation which might do a better job. Someone recently converted the Curse of Monkey Island intro to HD and it looks incredible but it involved manual work too.

I'd be interested to see your results but with these old cartoons we don't have the original source, and the image quality has bad artefact - I imagine it would need a lot of work in addition to the automated process. Plus you wouldn't get widescreen conversion. Though obv if it worked that'd be great!

One final thing - with the example I posted above - I am aware the top floor of the background building is misaligned compared to the original and that is something I will fix for animating - I had considered reaching out to the community to see if we could get more artists and importantly animators involved - but collaborations bring their own challenges and I thought I'd keep it consistent as a personal goal for now. Of course if others wish to have a crack at it, or can use digital wizardry to shortcut the process, then I can retire or move on to stills from the shows themselves.

Would love to fully re-animate "Knock, Knock" in 4K with a few tweaks - but kind of a pipe dream and due to my schedule it took a month or so to finish one frame, so the idea I would contemplate re-animating a 22 minute cartoon is kinda laughable. Plus there's the risk of being hit with a C&D if the franchise is popular again.

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