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By robbritton
It’s late and I’m tired and it’s a school night, so I’ll have to be brief, but...

...I just got back from the UK premiere of this in the IMAX and it is really, really good. Lots of laughs from the audience, some fantastic motion graphics as explainers (look for an excellent riff on the original NES game!) and some very sweet reminiscence from all sorts of folks. Worth the wait for me, and nice to see a bunch of names I recognise up against my own in the Kickstarter credits.

So yeah, definitely the definitive Ghostbusters doc, and I spoke to Claire Bueno and the GB2 one is in post now so is also still coming!
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By Esbe77
Fake Shemp wrote: December 4th, 2019, 4:31 pm I'm a newbie so apologies if this has already been asked and answered...but does anyone know if this will get a blu ray release available to everyone?
During the crowdfunding campaign that ran a while ago, they said there would be a DVD and a blu-ray edition. Now, I wouldn't presume that it's still the case or if they changed their minds but I would hope they make good on their word.

Also, the doc is distributed by Kew Media Group so we just have to find if they are into blu-rays (which I am very much hoping for).
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By robbritton
Just back from the second screening of Cleanin’ Up The Town that I’ve seen, this time the extended cut at the Prince Charles cinema. If anything I would say the two hour cut is even stronger. Steve Johnson is still the stand out comic relief for me, but lots of proper laughs from the audience and a very warm reception all round. If you can get to a cinema to see it, you really should.

Oh, and forgive me Mrmichaelt if I’m remembering this wrong, but I think we were stuck on where the realistic depiction of Chevy Chase that appears during Ron and Holtzmann’s catastrophic portal test in Crossing Over came from. A brief shot in the extended version tonight shows he is wearing the outfit he wore to visit the rooftop set of Spook Central! So if it was still unsolved, there’s the solution for you!
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By d_osborn
The always awesome GBMax put together a fun infographic of recent reviews. The Starburst quote really makes me grin-- their 1984 GB issue is up there with Making GB and Cinefex as top-tier making-of GB content.

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By mrmichaelt
For those of you living in the UK, the VOD release (download via iTunes and other outlets) will be tomorrow/today January 27.
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/13 ... ts/2739680

EDIT: Kew Media says the UK VOD outlets will be iTunes, Amazon, Google / Youtube Movies, Xbox, Playstation, Rakuten, Chili TV, Sky Store, Virgin Movies, BT Vision, and Talk Talk Movies
https://twitter.com/kewmediagroup/statu ... 7510889472

Amazon UK for example is: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cleanin-Up-Tow ... B082R7XWQN

So the home release phase is starting to roll out. :)
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By Alphagaia
I can practically see the UK when I look out of my window, but ofcourse Amazon won't let me buy the digital release with a Dutch Credit card.

Anyone know of a legal loophole? I want to pay them for their hard work.
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By deadderek
*lives in USA*
*activates UK VPN*
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By mrmichaelt
Alphagaia wrote: February 1st, 2020, 2:06 pm I can practically see the UK when I look out of my window, but ofcourse Amazon won't let me buy the digital release with a Dutch Credit card.

Anyone know of a legal loophole? I want to pay them for their hard work.
I thought Dutch people hated credit cards. I'm guessing it's not Visa or Mastercard? I figured those could be used anywhere. Do you have an iDeal or Maestro account?
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By Alphagaia
Now I'm curious for what obviously racist reason we Dutch hate creditcards! ;-)

It's Visa, but because the video is region locked it won't let me use it because it sees the credit card is from the Netherlands. Bummer.

I think I got a work around though. Let's see if I can buy 10,- Amazon credits. That should work.
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By Alphagaia
Ahaha yeah well, that's true.

I'll have to research the history of the word to be sure, but it's a word that has two different meanings, with one added afterwards somewhere down the line. It doesn't mean we are emotionally annoyed by owing money, but legally bound by it.

Anyways, while I'm aware Dutch are seen as people with hands on their wallets, we have no problems with credit cards!
For those who don't know but the Canada VOD seems to be out early. I streamed it yesterday and I didn't get to make either viewing in Edmonton or Calgary and I have to say this was a great project. While yes some older interviews there is a lot of stuff there. Between that and the "movies that made us" on Netflix it's a pretty encompassed background look
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By back
Drove into Canada checked in to a Shady roadside motel.... I saw it. Unlike anything else Ive ever seen before... Loved it! Wish it was longer though, especially after how long it took to get out on my continent.
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