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By Alex Newborn
Re: The possible ID of Fantasy Island Season 7, Episode 1
Um, thanks?

That one's dubbed into German, so it's not going to be what we're looking for.

Unless there's some way to toggle the languages on DailyMotion that I'm just missing?

[Cue the de rigueur GB quote: "Someone should tell him it's not going to do him much good to scream at us in German!"]

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By Alex Newborn
I'm watching it in German even though I can barely parse what they're saying. The character of Deborah Barnes is on the Island to have a love triangle fantasy (her boyfriend is played by Larry from Three's Company, Richard Kline).

The guy hired to play the other man trips over a chair and hurts his back, so Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Montalban) has to take over. He calls her Miss Barnes several times, but begins to call her Deborah around the 13:25 mark, which of course charms her.

Deborah, by the way, is played by Stephanie Faracy. The main thing I know her from is 1988's The Great Outdoors, where she played John Candy's character's wife... which means she had an on-screen kiss with Dan Aykroyd in the notorious 'lips and @$$holes' scene.


I really hope once we locate the original English track, that this specific Fantasy Island episode turns out to be the source of the soundbyte in Ghostbusters.

It's got me on tenterhooks watching the lip-sync at the moment.

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By Kingpin
It's worth considering that if it is Montalbán, it could be dialogue from one of his movies, or any one of his other TV appearances beyond Fantasy Island.

It could also not actually be him, but someone with a similar sounding-accent. I wish we could hear a bit more of the dialogue clearly at the start and end of the snippet.
By Coover5
Alex's video in his Ghostbusters Pet Peeves does the audio justice. However after watching that pet peeve video I wonder if the audio isn't stacked or if it's snippets of many sources. The middle and end of the audio sounds like songs with the ending sounding like someone singing the words "comes hopes"
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By Alex Newborn
It's worth considering that if it is Montalbán, it could be dialogue from one of his movies, or any one of his other TV appearances beyond Fantasy Island.
From the original post in this thread:
It could be an episode of Fantasy Island, it could be TOS, it could be Wrath of Khan. It could be anything, really, from throughout his long and distinguished career, at least pre-1983-ish.
I'm currently just following up on Coover5's post near the bottom of the previous page, where he successfully found an episode of Fantasy Island with a character named Barnes in it, after robbritton said he'd failed to find any entry on Montalban's imdb with a character named Barnes.

For the record, in my head it still sounds more like "BUT! You may be right..." though enough people have independently stated that to them it sounds like "Barnes, you may be right" that I am willing to make any progress possible, even if it is only slowly crossing items off the list one at a time.

But a show with Montalban, a character named Barnes, and being broadcast in October 1983? That's a very tantalizing potential payoff to several of the most-recurring 'possible interpretations' all at once.
... with the ending sounding like someone singing the words "comes hopes"
I've thought before that the last two syllables might be "compose" but with the plot of this episode of FI, it occurs to me the word might be "propose" because that's what Miss Barnes is trying to get her too-cautious boyfriend to finally do.

Which might mean we're looking for a line where Mr. Roarke says to her something like: "Miss *Barnes, you may be right. If so, he better propose* soon."

Or he could be speaking to his assistant Lawrence (Christopher Hewett as a proto-Mr. Belvedere, replacing Tattoo after Herve Villechaize quit following Season 6). Maybe Lawrence says that Miss Barnes is developing real feelings for Mr. Roarke (again, I can't understand spoken German but I am cuing off of their facial acting and the music, LOL) and Roarke worriedly comments:

"Regarding Miss *Barnes, you may be right. If so, he better propose* quickly."

Either way, we're likely only getting the middle of a sentence.

Just spitballing here. It may all come out to nothing.

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By deadderek
Had no idea the link was to a German dub. I should be able to find an English one when I get off work in a few hours. *shrugs*
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By deadderek
I work 3rd shift sometimes I forget stuff...holdup I'll find it.
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By deadderek
This is starting to be annoying...normally I can find almost anything...this is my new mission. I shall find this damn episode...in English.
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By deadderek
This is really steaming my clams. I'm usually REALLY good at tracking down hard to find videos over the interwebs. Our franchise page has shared a request asking if anyone can help us access (an English language) copy.

Fingers crossed.
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By mrmichaelt
Some of Fantasy Island is on crackle for free.

Here's the season 7 ep. 1 link

And I can't find the exact line... :(

Alternatively, the line in GB might be
"Barnes, you may be right. If so, we better ??? some ropes."

EDIT 3/3: Or is Mr. Roarke saying "Mars"?

There is another season 7 episode "The Butler's Affair/Roarke's Sacrifice" that aired on November 12, 1983 which had a character names Julie Mars. Unfortunately, it's not on Crackle.
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