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By roofgoof
OK, I've been scouring the internet forever and have come up empty, now it is time to turn to all of you.

I want to 3D print the screen accurate MT500/HT90 model number NLN7444A hard plastic holster. (you know, the ones that will crumble at the slightest touch after several years of exposure to the air, and are next to impossible to obtain) however I am shocked to find that nobody has created one that is 3D printable, unless they have..... anyone help with providing a .stl file to print one? I saw one or two on Thingiverse but they aren't exactly what I want and I don't have the knowledge or capability to draw one up myself in a design program.

Thanks in advance :cool:
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By roofgoof
Appreciate you finding those, I had seen them already however those files are to replicate the leather holsters. I'm lookimg for the screen accurate hard plastic ones that are virtually impossible to now find.
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