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By Mathew_impact1

I recall when Ghostbusters came out. As the next convention I went to, TIMECON 84, was flooded with OD jumpsuits, black backpacks and painted dustbustersoh the times have changed.
A few months before GB2 came out(1989), I along with a couple of friends decided to don the tan uniform and build a pack. I built my pack out of sheet plastic mostly 1/16" white ABS. I made a latex mold. And my friends pulled fiberglass copies. The wands were each made from scratch. I did manage to find a few correct detail bits. Including some Clippard valves. I scaled the whole thing off of that and the pack frame. Using a hand full of photos and VHS still frames. Who owned a real
computer back then?
I still have my pack, but have lost the rest. I've moved 5 times science then.

Back to the present. I'll building up a outfit for my 11 year old son. Using spirit parts and a Jr size flightsuit.
And I plan to rebuild my whole outfit as well. It would seem that have an extra 10 months to make it for the opening.


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