finally decided to take the plunge and get one, looking forward to working on it, was wondering if I could get a list of what Items I will need to add to it currently it's coming with
The kit also has the metal parts included, ion end cap, v-hook, s-hook, cable clamp,and 3D straits and banjos. The stickers are made in vinyl, All tubing is also included.

leaving only the electronics to find for this kit.

Alice frame and spacers and screw kit

previously modified a 2017 Spirit Halloween Ghostbusters Proton pack from kits made by Spongefacemcgee on ebay, I was really happy how it turned out, once I get my full size kit completed, I will be giving my Spirit Pack to my 5 yr old nephew who I got hooked on GB1 and GB2
Congrats on the purchase. I just got confirmation today that mine is in the hands of customs. Hopefully it will be on its way again soon. Sounds like your nephew is going to love it.
I was wondering if anyone has a step by step guide for building the proton pack and wand from Ben of Kent Props, I also been ordering metal parts for my wand from here on GB Fans, I also got the metal bellow for the bumper
Spectregater wrote: September 10th, 2020, 4:57 pm I used Canpara's build thread for help on my pack. Only issue was that he did not use the BoK wand. So I was left to my own on that. However after building the pack the wand was a breeze.

thanks man, really appreciate it, once my facebook account is out of failbook jail gonna reach out to the ben of kent props group and see if there is anyone in the group in Las Vegas

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