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By d_osborn
Somebody did recently:

This isn't my Youtube upload, but I'm happy to see it in the wild. I did the post work on this. The in-universe GB2 commercial was one of my white whale holy grails. I was ecstatic when it was announced to be on the new 4K release!

Looking at the movie, they squeezed the widescreen clip into the 4:3 TV for the scenes, no cropping. In fact, it's still letterboxed! I tried to match the movie, but took a little creative freedom in filling the full 4:3 frame. I went more stylistic over screen-accurate.

The only graphics in the unfinished Blu-Ray teaser source was the LIMIT ONE PER FAMILY bit seen in the film. Wanting to fill it in a bit more, I matched the font/color for the WE'RE BACK and GRAND REOPENING... bits. I referenced quite a few 1988-89 local NYC TV commercials and pulled the closer layout/look directly from a common look of the era.

The logo animation is production original! The teaser trailer was supposed to feature the mooglie logo animating to the "2 position", but the work was never finished, to my knowledge. I have a complete set of pencil cel drawings from the unproduced logo animation, several versions, in fact. I thought finishing out the in-universe commercial with the logo animation was the obvious way to go. As you'll notice, there are some differences in the design. The original HD pencil test animation will be featured in the Too Hot To Handle documentary.

The faux firehouse address was pulled from original set dressing used during filming at the LA firehouse.

The countdown slate info is a bit of a deep cut. The WKRR-12 is obvious. In early drafts of the script, Venkman's TV show was produced out of the Manhattan Cable Building, so I thought it would be a fun bit to add in.

When the GB1 commercial raw footage was released in 08, I worked up a similar in-universe commercial. Aged VHS effects weren't as overplayed back then. So sue me, I'm nostalgic for the look.
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By RichardLess
Without the VHS effects:
This should’ve been the teaser trailer. Or featured in the movie. It’s so great. Egon getting hit in the head by the Ghost and mouthing the words(a detail they even mention in the script) are just great touches. But the blocking is the secret ingredient that makes this work. Watching the GB’s move to their mark cracks me up lol.

Ivan Reitman is one of the most underrated comedy minds of all time. He’s produced & directed some of the best comedies ever made & I never see him get the respect due to his later career choices. Just imagine having these movies under your belt but still being disrespected by contemporary Studio Heads: Animal House, Meatballs, Stripes, Ghostbusters 1 & 2, Twins, Dave, Private Parts, Road Trip, Old School. It boggles the mind.
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