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By mrmichaelt
Seems like at the end of new Reunited Apart with Josh Gad, there might be a tease that Ghostbusters could be in the next episode. Perhaps this is one thing they have planned for Ghostbusters Day 2020 next week?

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By Aidan Alfaro
I think it is, but I wouldn't want to get my hopes up because its possible we might get the reboot cast since the old cast could accidently spoil something about afterlife. I'm looking forward to it though
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By deadderek
It seems multiple franchise/groups/theaters have been told by Sony that Ghostbusters will no longer be available to screen on June 8th. :(

That's VERY sad to hear. :(
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By deadderek
Yup it's not available nationwide. Hopefully we get a response from Sony and/or Ghost Corps. themselves...
By BRD 527
I didnt have work on monday so I slept in and I was being lazy and didnt want to get dressed so I put on my jumpsuit over my boxers and got to it lol doing the dishes and laundry and then cutting the grass. I called it a day around 3pm and hitup 7-11 for a 6pk and some fire wood lol good times watched GB1&2 later :love:

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