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By Zarannah88
Hey guys I'm putting together my uniform based on the first movie. I have almost everything for it except the flight suit. Thats where I'm running into the snag. My measurements are H 5'3,C34, my inseam is 29,w34 and s 27. Based on those measurements and using the chart in the gb store it would be either a small or medium. However I'm no where near 5'6 which is the shortest size. Also do they run small or large? If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be helpful.

Also the rule of thumb is you go a size up from your shirt size. For example, I wear an XL because my shirt size is large. A large in a Nomex for example would be a 42-44. You never want to go with your actual shirt size since you'll be wearing it over clothes and they ride up something fierce if you don't have extra room.
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By darthbuster
I wish I had read this before I ordered my no experience suit off of eBay. I normally wear a 46 regular jacket so I got a 46 r suit and find it a little snug on the chest and shoulders, I should have gotten a 48 regular.

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