im very curious to see how any of you ecto pros got into contact with the rights holders for ghostbusters over your ecto 1s. ive spoken with 2 people that do rentals that said id need to contact them but im not sure what avenue to go down. any of yall have experience renting out or promoting with an ecto? would you explain to me the logistics please? thanks guys
To put it as straightforward as I understand it: so long as fans aren't charging for an event (or otherwise doing things that might bring the intellectual property into disrepute, or lead to people raising complaints with Sony/Ghost Corps), then Sony is allowing to give us a degree of freedom to serve as unofficial ambassadors for the Ghostbusters property through trooping in gear, and driving Ectomobile replicas.

However, this state of grace can be revoked at any time if Sony deems it fit to do so, so it's important we don't abuse the freedom we enjoy, such as by charging for appearances. As we don't own the Ghostbusters copyright, we have no right to be making money off of it.

The only time we're allowed to collect money is if it's going to a charitable cause.

Possibly one of the most direct ways to enquire about an Ectomobile for events would be to contact Ghost Corps via their Facebook group.
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I'll second what Ben said. We don't have the luxury that certain BTTF Time Machine owners have with Universal as "official vendors" of the franchise, aka being legally allowed to profit off the IP. You run into situations like Pizza On The Run in Cody, Wyoming that use their Ectomobile for profit, that totally flies in the face of the "tacit" or "soft" approval we fans have. Lord knows I've been offered decent four figure sums to have The Ect-OHIO appear, but I like owning my car and don't want to have Sony issue me a C&D, or try to confiscate it through legal means.

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