By Propmainiac
Hi all
Bought the Walmart trap and love it. Been painting and modding it. Trying to add some Cobb LEDs..the long flat ones. Wired it to the green LEDs....and the light was dim. I'm thinking if I connect two AA directly to the light and controll it with the foot pedal this will activate it when the doors open. Any thoughts?
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By Kingpin
An issue that comes to mind is that if you add more batteries to the supply to get the Cobb LEDs to fully illuminate, there's the possibility you could overload the trap's circuit board.

What'd I'd suggest is you swap out the existing switch, which I'd guess is a SPST (single pull/single throw - designed for operating one circuit only) for a DPDT (double pull/double throw), allowing you to run the newer lights from an independent supply to the existing trap electronics, but set up so they both activate at the same time.

if you can, it might be worth finding a way to hide the new battery supply in the trap. I'm not sure if the existing pedal would have the room.
By Propmainiac
So the new lights I was planning on them being powerd only by two AA batteries. Not tied into the board. Don't know a lot about electronics but if I wire the foot switch to the new light ias well as keeping the foot switch connected to the board will it overload the board?
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By Kingpin
I'll admit my knowledge of electronics is extremely basic, but adding more batteries to a circuit beyond what it was designed for could lead to problems in the long run... That's why I was advocating DPDT switch, you get the dual functionality without having to worry about any issues from power usage.
By Propmainiac
Hi guys....
I'm at a standstill with my trap mods...I had to get a new toggle as the old one I used was too big once I put the gearbox back in. Also still scratching my head over how to add brighter lights to the inside of the trap. Anyone have any simple ideas other than wiring to the green LEDs? I've tried it and the added lights look dim . If I connect directly to the battery they are very bright. I'd like them to be bright and come on when I use the pedal but I'm stumped.
By Propmainiac
Ok figured it out! Theres a component labeled Q5 on the board. I attached my negative to the negative on the green led. Then touched the solder point on the q5 the lights stayed on till the doors closed! Best of all they were bright! This connection is before the resistor. This is why they stay bright!
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