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By Ectotainment
Here a tip of you mix your own liquid. I make mine with vegetable glycerin, distilled water and a drop of vanilla extract. Unfortunately, I mixed in a little too much water and I was having some leakage issues, but if you boil the liquid, you can boil off some of the water and regain a higher glycerin content. Distilled water without minerals will help extend the life of the coils.
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By Tasky
Aqueous Glycerine would be better than water for this kit, though (even distilled). Maybe 10% to 90% VG.
The most you would likely want is 20%.
By RJMonette88
Ok, so I bought a replacement e-cig, but then realized it's a different model and I cannot remove the center coil. I did however now find online proper replacement coils for the model of e-cig that is installed in my pack. One question though... When buying replacement coils, they ask what resistance... 1.5 ohm, 1.8 ohm, 2.2 ohm, or 2.5 ohm. Now I'm completely lost as which resistance to get and I can't really see which resistance mine currently has. I believe the power is getting stepped down to 6v going into the e-cig. Any light to be shed here?
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By Tasky
I believe the power is getting stepped down to 6v going into the e-cig. Any light to be shed here?
In short, it doesn't really matter so long as your battery is rated for the Amps your tank will be drawing.
Generally, the lower the resistance (ohms), the more your device will chuck out huge great clouds of vape... but it will also require higher power input, which means more batteries. This is more of a concern with Sub-Ohm vaping (ie less than 1.0Ω), where you will be putting 75w through a 0.2Ω coil, but still worth bearing in mind.

At 6volts, ie 24w, these coils will be commanding:

1.5Ω - 4A
1.8Ω - 3.3A
2.2Ω - 2.72A
2.5Ω - 2.4A

So assuming that 6v is correct, as long as your battery is rated for more than 4A continuous discharge, you'll be fine.
Personally I'd suggest going as close to 1Ω coils as possible, so the 1.5Ω coils will be pretty reasonable. How much 'smoke' do you want to vent, anyways? :)

Out of curiosity, which model is your replacement and why can't you get the coil out?
By RJMonette88
Really great info! Thank you for that!
I got the KANGER CE4 LONG WICK CLEAROMIZER as a replacement, but the one installed in my pack is the Kangertech eGo/T2, which has the ability for coil changes.
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By Tasky
Yeah, unfortunately the CE4 is one of the few models that does not have a replacable coil.
Very unusual these days, as most people prefer replacable pods. Looks like a bit of bad luck in the selection department.

Personally I'd have suggested an Innokin Zenith tank.
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By paul_haga
Ectotainment, do you have some finished photos of the vent kit? I'd love to see a couple close-ups of how you drilled a hole into the ecig adapter for wiring as well as how you have the full kit mounted.

I too am having to create a replacement for a potential Fincher because they have all but gone radio silent.


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