By Propmainiac
Hi all
Now that my trap is almost complete are there any templates for the pedal base and the pedal itself? The hammond boxes are on the way and soon I'll start making the pedal and base but not really sure of the dimensions. Any help Is welcomed
By Punk0627
Well I’ve gone off of some Measurements of the foot pedal vector plate to roughly estimate the length of the base. You could probably find some 3D files to find the correct measurements. Ive been working on a pedal for my Walmart trap mod so I’ve been working and looking too. Try looking at Stephen Ottos plans and use the Hammond boxes and vector plate as guides if you will.
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By Kingpin
Because most of the props have been behind glass for years, few fans have been able to physically measure them... Which is why measurements have either been unavailable, or at best, best-educated-guesses... Something compounded by the fact there've been far more Traps spotted on display in the wild than Trap pedals.

As Punk noted, Stefan has produced a quick overview of the pedal, which can work as a rough guide:

Stefan's Ghost Trap Pedal Plans

However, it should be noted this plan is based on the GBII Ghost Trap pedal, and was drawn up in a time long before we knew the GBI pedals had a equal sized pair of blocks at the end of the base with the hinge, or the bullet latch which would help clip the pedal to the Ghost Trap. It doesn't even show that the pedal bases were largely wood, with a thin sheet of metal on the underside.

This thread by mburkit covers some of the bits I've mentioned: GB1 Pedal Build.

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