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By EctoLabs
Great to see you got it all working and the laser is a great addition. Would love to see the fan reversed so it sucks the smoke back into the trap as the doors close 8)
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By Theoderic
DanielVankman wrote: August 6th, 2020, 1:32 pm I did it, the green laser is installed and I think it looks good. what do you think about it Please excuse the chamber tour. I filmed directly after the assembly.

DAMN - so, you actually won the race! :shock: I was thinking about something like that as well some time ago, but never happen to get it done yet .... maybe one day, or ...with the next trap .... after my currently next trap.... or so. -sob-

Nevermind - Really awesome job!!! I like it a lot, that's a quantum leap in trap-technology - impressive!

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