Hello all, first post.

Ive been a fan since 1985 and saw Ghostbusters on VHS for the first time not the big screen. My nephew really got me going on this project along with the new movie, as a matter of fact I plan on using the Spengler wand as some fans on this site are for the Nuetrona wand for the short term (this will be a hybrid pack, not really set in any one time frame and can and will change when the new movie or those on the inside post photos of the back of the Spengler pack in all its glory). Also working on the 1:8 Hero Collector Ecto-1 proton packs (although a bit inaccurate) was an inspiration.

A little background, the medium I work with is wood and I've seen how heavy some of the wood packs here have been and wanted to challenge myself to see how light I could make it . I used pvc, extruded plastic, and light metal, for the injectors, so not 100% wood but I'd say 75 to 80%. I've had this going since the beginning of July and when I get something going it's full steam ahead as you'll see. Also a thank you to the fine store here, you will see what I purchased from here.
Critiques are welcome we learn from our mistakes. All measurements and plans are from the idealized Stefans plans. Here's a link and it's in order from beginning to most recent.


This weighs in at 9.5 lbs so far
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I now got to the part of mounting the pack to the ALICE frame. I used 1" spacers at bottom holes of the frame as per Stefans plans and then for the top Center spacer, since I have a newer version of the frame with the more curvy center brace, using temporary spacers on the sides to make sure motherboard and frame side rails were parallel the entire length then traced the curve on spacer and band sawed the top off. Works great.



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I'm getting close to finished for now, still have stickers and once that Hasbro Nuetrino Wand comes in will be a nice mix of GB1,2 and Afterlife and at that point will distress. Most everything can be changed as mostly bolt on items used. Here's an example of the wand mount I made out of aluminum and can be altered for the afterlife gun with both GB1 and GB2 angles (set on GB2), link to light test, with my son inspecting and where I am as of last night with most wires installed.



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Until the Hasbro wand shows up I'm finished for now. The weight is now at 17.5 lbs and should be around 20.5lbs when finished. Not as light as I'd have liked it to be but at this point it stands up in the middle of a room with no support. I'd like to thank the person who did Stefans plans, GBfans shop and Ace hardware. Here is the final 3 shots


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