By iamroguesniper
Modded the Spirit goggles to look more like the real ones. I used button snaps from Amazon, knobs from gbfans shop, sticker set from Independent1Trading on etsy, and sewed my own strap mounts. (Not very well though)
ImageRight side
ImageLeft side
I cut a piece of aluminum to make the lens screw bracket.(Front left lens) Couldn't find longer thumb screws but close enough.
I replaced the green led in the lens and added one to the other lens. Dimmed them down so I didn't go blind. I used plastic card and filler to make the raised ring on the front.
I built a different battery door(the round one) to look more realistic and used a mini push button for the switch. Might mod this to look like the real push/pull switch later.
Added a flashing led for effect and to indicate power.
By BRD 527
Wow, very nicely done! :love:

Where did you find the thumb screws for the lens'? :blush:
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By iamroguesniper
Finally got around to designing and printing the pull knob. Finally finished the goggles. It's bigger than I wanted but had to work with the switch I installed.

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