Hey guys.

Without being too blunt, im a big guy, 6 foot 3, 400 plus pounds and ive been working hard to lose weight and ive lost over 20 pounds this year alone and hope to continue to do so.

That said, one of my weight loss goals is to fit into a kaki ghostbusters flightsuit, as i have been a life long ghostbusters fan and never could fit into one or owned my own uniform and id love to be able to do that by the premier of Ghostbusters Afterlife.

Last halloween i saw a website that had flightsuits in the 4xl-6xl range and i do recall it being a genuine licensed outfit. I believe it retailed for 80-100 dollars or so and i swore i bookmarked the page, but for the life of me i cant find it and i've searched google and cant seem to find it.

Does anyone here know what i am talking about and got a link? While i fully expect to be thinner by the premier of Ghostbusters Afterlife, id like to be have all my bases covered that way when i go to the movie and this upcomming halloween, i will have an outfit ready regardless..

That was probably the Rubies Premium costume, which was a pretty good facsimile of a genuine Nomex (though it may not carry the same join/fabric strength due to it being a commercial replica rather than genuinely military vintage): Link

Though this listing appears to only go as far as 1XL.

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