By Emeren

I've recently finished a Spirit Halloween pack upgrade using the Spirit soundboard, wand and pack lights which turned out well. However I'm now considering getting a BenOfKent full-size kit and am looking into possible light and sound kits. With the release of the Hasbro Neutrona Wand and the confirmation that it uses the same start up sequence as the props from Afterlife, this got me thinking. Can any of the more widely used light and sounds kits (e.g. GBFans, Jupiter, etc) potentially be configured to work in a similar way?

According to ... ustersNews, each switch does the following:

Gun Box Bottom Toggle: Controls Slo-Blo light and power up/down sounds, so presumably this would control the pack's power cell and cyclotron lights too.

Gun Box Top Toggle: Control wand's hat lights and bar graph lights.

Activate Switch: Controls Vent lights and plays power up/down sounds.

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