By Dan AKA
gold333 wrote: September 20th, 2015, 1:30 am Nice! Do we know which scenes used the super hero pack?

Also, what was different in the superhero vs the venkman? Just the moving bargraph or more?
This thread deserves to be updated and a response tendered.

The Super Hero Proton Pack was used primarily during the roof top sequence, and I have not been able to identify its use during any other sequence in the first film. The close up shot of the "Heat em' Up" sequence, worn by Venkman when firing down at Stay Puft, worn by Winston briefly, and again work by Venkman briefly.

Differences in Ghostbusters of the Super Hero Wand:
- Orange Top Hat Light instead of Milky White
- Omission of the Bar Graph Decal & Slo-Blo Decal
- Different Envelope Decal under the top right flip switch
- Blacked Out Knobs
- Unpainted Rear Cylinder (I believe the rear cylinder was not attached to the wand during the close up shot of the wand)
- No decals on top knob
- Nycoil Banjos on Wand Tip

Differences in Ghostbusters of the Super Hero Pack:
- Reversed Bumper, with blue bumper label set into recessed portion of bumper on right side
- Blue hose from Ion Arm to PPD goes over the ribbon cable
- Vac Tube hose runs over the HGA lines, and then under the HGA lines when terminating on the proton pack.
- Duel Stacked mounting bolts on bottom of cyclotron
- left side of pack is mounted at the power cell, and not near the Ion Arm
- Ghostbusters II style clippard Hex fitting on Ion Arm
- P-Clamp set upside down on Booster Frame
- Tight Twist on Ribbon cable (similar to Omni Pack)
- No cylcotron ring dimples
- No half moon and block spacers between ALICE frame and mobo
- ALICE frame had rivets at the 10:00 & 2:00 positions on the frame and into the mobo
- Power Cell lights mounted to the shell, not the mobo
- No foam tube pad on top of ALICE frame
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By Badmen
As this thread reveals the hero packs changed only as much as was necessary for GB2, even retaining their original elbows and ion arm square fitting.

The courtroom scene in GB2 is a shoulder strap continuity nightmare. It looks like one hero pack LC1 straps received custom extra padding but another, not.

Did the original LC1 frame/strap setup stay on the hero packs for GB2?
By RedSpecial
The LC-1 frames stayed on the Hero's but the belts and kidney pads were changed out for LC-2 versions and the straps were padded later in production.
By Badmen
I appreciate that, thank you for the clarification. It looked like all of the V webbing was extra padded by the end when they arrive to the slime shelled museum and I questioned what else stayed behind.

Hard to believe two hero packs are now in private hands. Really great to find specific answers to questions here with some amazing reference. But now I have to give up on replicating a specific pack.
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