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By RealGhostbusterJay
I spoke to Mike some weeks ago. He says mine should be shipped in December. Hopefully there's no issues as I'd hate to see his last few full commissions be over shadowed by issues from customers but also see why he's done making full packs and only selling parts these days. I can't say I'm ok waiting a year for a fully paid for pack. I know he has a wedding coming up but even so I'd like to think most have been patient with him. The other thing is if he's getting reviews from Yes Have Some Podcast and Ghostheads then I'd hope he'd be somewhat cognizant of that and want to make sure he wasn't making those folks or productions looked at as unfavorable. If you haven't heard anything by November maybe drop him a line again and simply be direct with what the hold up is. If there seems to be issues then you might need to use the Paypal refund term which does have an expiry date but for items like this where there are payment plans or special circumstances then you might have some support there. Hopefully things are just busy. I'm not going to get hosed on another pack regardless of who's making it.
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Neat! Thanks for the info!