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Apologies if this is in the wrong part of the forum - just looking for some modding advice. Consider me an absolute beginner so no advice will be ungratefully received!

I scored a Playmobil Ecto 1A from a charity shop last week, and (as I already have a completed 1A) my first thought was to have a go at transforming it into Ecto 1B from the video game. I already have a spare Ecto 1 roof rack as my first one conked out, so on the most basic level I’m some ways there.

My main question is how would I remove the GB2 logo decals? I could paint it, but then I lose the decals I want to keep, and if I paint out the areas alone the white will never match. Should I be looking at nail polish remover or turps sort of things? I’m wary of wrecking the plastic so just wanted to check in case any wiser had experience in this sort of stuff.

Thank you!
You could use something like nail polish-remover, it appears to work with Lego pieces if you want to remove the printed elements:

-Though you may be in it for the long haul. Additionally I'm not sure how it might work with the plastic Playmobil uses, versus the plastic Lego uses.
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I would recommend trying something like Goo Gone before you go to acetone (nail polish remover). I've actually had some vintage Kenner Star Wars figures and 80s Hasbro GIJoe figures begin to melt from acetone before.

Whereas Goo Gone on a cotton swab has proven useful for removing light paint oversprays from action figure plastic, and even tampo prints from Hot Wheels type cars. I recently used it to take black stripes off of a 1:64 white car without damaging the white paint underneath, as well as taking printed text off the side of some 1:64 Johnny Lightning taxi cabs without leaving so much as a scratch in the yellow paint.

Ive used Purple Power degreaser a few times in the past to remove factory lettering/decals from LGB (1:22.5 scale) train car's without damaging the paint though I had to let them soak in the stuff so IDK about doing such a small area... I was thinking about making a playmobil Ecto1B as well but I think it would be easier to add decals to an Ecto 1 than remove them from Ecto 1A like getting a decal set from the AMT Ecto 1A model which is 1:25 scale which is very close to Playmobil at 1:24 :whatever:

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