By Rvonvolen
I'm going to build my first pack this Christmas using a Spengler wand and I'm using a Studio Creations pack shell, however I REALLY would like to avoid using fiberglass to strengthen the shell. Is there anything else I could use on the shell to strengthen it? I was thinking about bondo but I don't know how well it would stick to and react with the plastic of the shell. I would highly appreciate some suggestions!
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By Lowberg
You could get some styrene sheets maybe 1/8" or 3/16" thick and reinforce certain areas with plating from the inside.
You can cut the styrene with a metal ruler and razor blade by scoring your cut line with the razor and ruler and then bending the styrene and it will snap off where you scored. Use some sort of brush on plastic weld solution for model kits like Plastruct and it will permanently bond the styrene supports to the vac form shell (which is also made of styrene).

Would work best on the flat surfaces, but could get creative with how you do the supports for the nooks and crannies.
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