By 3w56
Hey guys,

I just bought a whole light and sound kit. On the wand bar graph the bottom 3-4 leds dont light up but will light up in test mode. I have tried the the dip swiths and the the configuration wheel and nothing seems ot get them to work. Any body have ideas or could it be just a bad bar graph?

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By Kingpin
The first thought that occurs to me is the bargraph might be larger than those used on the original props, and the 3-4 LEDs that aren't lighting are intended to be hidden from sight.

However, I'll send this link to the forum Admin to see if this is the case.
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By AJ Quick
It's weird that it would work in test mode and then not in the normal operation.

What I can tell you is to re-check the instructions regarding the direction of the ribbon cable that connects the bargraph. It can only work in one direction. When installed backwards, some LEDs (typically 3-4 at one end) do not light up. It is strange that they do work in test mode though.

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