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By Alphagaia
Hello, everyone!

I've written a small fanscript I want to film during the slower Covid-19 days and am looking for an 3D artist to help with some of the effects.

Some details regarding the job.


A regular joe is getting ready to head to work, only to get his car dragged to hell because his parking spot in the huge scary basement of his apartment seems to be a gateway to hell.
Don't you hate it when that happens?
Ofcourse he calls the GB, but since he lives in the Netherlands, the pricetag is quite too high for them to come and solve his little carproblem.
He opts to mail-order a pack, trap and prints a Ghostbusting for Dummies booklet to try and solve the problem himself. Hijinks ensue as this guy is in way over his head and since I want you to be surprised by the ending I'll leave the story as is.

All over the world:

While setting is in Netherlands, the language of most of the story will be in English, as the guy only communicates over the phone with GB Headquarters in NY. During the actual bust he reads from the Dummies book, which is also in English. This is done so more people can enjoy the little fanmovie.

I am currently drawing the storyboards for the effect shots and different camera angles needed for this 10 minute story.

Help wanted!:

I have experience with filming and special effects, and while I did some 3d modeling back in the day, I don't think I am capable of making a believable ghost anymore. Still know how to rig and animate things though.


I'm thinking of a greyish floating fat form in the shape of an earless, warty Bulldog head. It can have multiple eyes, or even heads like Cerebus. When it opens its mouth, multiple human arms can extend from it. They have an extra joint to appear spider like and try to grab anything in front of them, including the mouth as if there are ghosts trapped inside trying to escape the Hellhound. I want this thing to look scary.

here is a quick Sketch:

What am I looking for?:

I am looking for a 3D design for this ghost that I can animate in Cinema 4D.

- One version without hands that floats around when it's not actively trying to scare someone.
- A version with hands around the mouth it uses to scare people up close.

I can do the rest myself, though ofcourse any help is greatly appreciated.


Ofcourse failing this, I'm happy with any ghost design that features multiple human hands attached to a flying body.

What's in it for you?:

I'm willing to pay for the design, but I don't want to go overboard for just a fanfilm, and your name and website will ofcourse be included in the credits and on my website.
Feel free to let me know, if you are interested, what you want for the job and make sure to show some of your work so I can know we are a good match.

I know the promise of just little pay and 'exposure' will probably turn of most professionals, but I hope to find someone who has the same love for the franchise and just wants to make something fun during this pandemic.

Who wants to help and collaborate with me?
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By Esbe77
I haven't had many experiences in the film industry, be it in fan film or regular moviemaking form, but I would advise, since the nature of your project is a fan film, to hold on to look for 3D artists till you actually completed the shooting of said fan film.

Having scenes to show your potential 3D artist/s will help immensely in getting your vision known, you will know what coverage you have and if you need more of it as it may lead to you needing more shots.

Plan waaaaay ahead of time. Have your complete storyboards done for the fan film, or at least the parts using the required CGI. Make sure your project is well prepared. Artists of any kind will want as fully-formed a project as possible. This will help with the morales and inspirations.

Make sure you have all the right preparation before looking for artists, but that's just my two cents. Covid gives you a good opportunity of re-writing the screenplay (if need be), to storyboard all of it, to plan where and when to use CGI, to plan the shooting, etc.

Much of the behind the scenes stuff you need figured out and this your shot at it.

Then, you may look for 3D artists. As it is, the project seems in need of a bit of BTS (behind the scenes) work: storyboards, CGI plans, descriptions of the characters, ghosts and locations, a shooting schedule or at least a detailed look at locations, the required equipment for the shooting, etc.

Or maybe I'm just over thinking it...
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Thx for the reply and tips! The reason I'm already looking for someone is because it takes time to create a good design and I want to use it to test out some of the ideas to see what works and doesn't work in the storyboards I'm making.

I think you are misunderstanding what I'm looking for though. I don't need someone to add effects to scenes, I 'just' need someone to create a 3d design for a ghost. I can light and render and animate it myself in Cinema 4D and insert it in footage with After Effects/ Premiere.
By Couture
Cool design but that's going to be a pretty intricate asset build if you want it to look anything close to professional. Organic creatures like that are no joke, especially with what you want it to do. It's going to be a pretty huge ask to find anyone who's capable and willing to work on a fan film for free or cheap. You might want to simplify it a bit. Do you have any kind of portfolio of previous work examples? You might have more luck if you have examples of prior films to demonstrate your skill to entice collaborators. You could also post ads on freelance sites like fiverr and upwork, though the quality may vary. You may find a talented student or an artist from overseas that can do something with your budget. Definitely look beyond Cinema 4D artists as a model and textures can easily be brought over to C4D from any package, you'll just have to do the lookdev.
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Luckily I'm in contact with someone who wants to do it for fun, with a nice enough portfolio for what I want it to look like, but let's see how that pans out. I don't need hyper realistic, and since it's a ghost anyways, it's the animation/ lighting that's going to sell the believability, methinks.

I have some previous work portfolio, mainly weddings and infomercials, but I don't want to show them here as I'm afraid the focus becomes to much on my company and not on the actual fan film, and want this and my work to be seperate, so I can rightly claim non profit, and not turn this thread into a commercial for my work.

I don't think I stated to look for someone who is good at Cinema 4D, I just want to be able to animate it in Cinema 4D. I know most models can be converted (though sometimes errors occur, so it's preferred but most certainly not essential).

I appreciate ,the push and ideas though! Gonna check those sites in case the guy who seems interested doesn't get around to it for some reason.
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