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By cristovalc
Hello everyone, I'm curious if anyone knows the best place to procure a nice 1/2" neon hose like the one seen on the cover of the video game. I know this was just an artistic flourish added for the cover, as they are the "proper" colour in game, but I actually really like that look of that and would like to pair it with my jumpsuit. I've been able to find larger diameter hoses but nothing that would fit what I have...



1/4" tubing

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
cristovalc wrote:Either way, I think it's kinda cool and makes it seem like you have a diet that consists entirely of HI-C Ecto Coolers... I think I found a solution though in 12mm aquarium tubing! I will see if that does the trick once it ships out to me.
Hell yeah man it would definitely be cool and different. I'm all for it just putting my thoughts out there lol.
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