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By ArmyGuyDan
I have gone over the GB Fans store the piece that is circled is something I cannont find on their store, I have the resin part that came with my benofkent prop pack, but I am putting metal parts on for my neutrona wand

it's the metal piece above the metal knob
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By Lowberg
Are you referring to the circular part that attaches to the opposite side of the green lever bar?
Freeky Geeky sells them on his website but he's out of stock at the moment, may be worth emailing him.
If you cant find one but want something close and metal, it's basically a shaft collar nut with set screw. I'm sure you could find one very similar looking to fit the lever bar.
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By kind2311
jpetrutis81 wrote: December 2nd, 2020, 9:26 pm The seller has relisted it and now says that there are 5 available.
seriously changing inventory on ebay to attract potential buyers is as easy as a few clicks. Bring down the inventory, and people will hurry to buy thinking there will be no more.

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