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Okay, I'm finally done with this project (unless something strikes me that needs doing). I hope everyone has enjoyed following along as I constructed this fun prop. I'm available if anyone has any questions on building one of their own ECUs. :)

Here's the update where I dressed up the light globes, added the ribbon cable, and added an ID tag to the finished unit. Oh, these are also the first photos showing the finished ECU on the finished display wall... all assembled as it will be shown at our events.

I took Apoxie Sculpt (gray) and made the "cages" for my Magic Bullet blender cup light globes. Yay!

I also used Apoxie Sculpt to make ends for my homemade ribbon cable (made from GB1 cable scraps). I molded them, let them cure, then I ran them through the bandsaw and sanded to make the ends square. They're not perfect, but they were practically free, and fairly sturdy. The ends are held in place with Goop and 2 screws on each end.

Here's the ID plate for my ECU. I felt that this made the unit look more finished, as any industrial equipment is typically tagged.

Here's a shot of the finished unit on the display wall.

Finished shot of the unit, red light on, door open.

Finished shot of the unit, green light on, door closed.

This week, I will be packing the ECU for its journey to Phoenix Comicon... PhxCon is in just ten short days... it kicks off next Thursday. We hope to see many of you there!
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Well, I finally had some time to take measurements of the completed ECU to share with the class.

I know you'll find some dimensions are missing, as I did these rather quickly. But remember, I built mine based on best-estimates (my scale for everything was derived by using the size of a standard cinder block as a starting point).

I hope the progress photos and dimensions will help any ambitious builder with creating an ECU of his or her own.

I also have the dimension sheets available in PDF format, if a mod wants to post them somewhere more permanent.
This just looks fantastic. Wish we had a place to put one.
Thank you all for the kind words. :)
We just got to use the ECU this past weekend at Tucson Comic Con.
It packed up for easy transport, setup, and breakdown for transport home... it takes about 20 minutes to pack up or set up, and it really helps give us a strong presence on the con floor.

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