By adam lavery
hello all, i found these forums during my research into building a proton pack prop and i found that a lot of people were asking about printable plans in full 1:1 scale.
so as the first step in starting to work out where i want to go with my build i dove into adobe illustrator and used Stefan Ottos plans to scale up to 1:1 full size and export out as a PDF for print either on one piece of paper if the facilities are available, or on multiple sheets of A4 to be taped together.
i think i am within 1mm of every dimension but if i have made any glaring errors, please let me know.
if they are of use to anyone i have shared them below ... sp=sharing
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By Theoderic
Wow - that's great! 8) Thank's for the setup, i'll check it out tomorrow - i'm curious, if i'll be able to print these somehow. :nicejobyoudid:
By adam lavery
i got mine printed (ordered online) it cost me about £14 for 2 full size sets on correct size paper so didn't have to cut and tape together
By Tommorris22
Keep in mind, Stefan’s plans are outdated and contain numerous inaccuracies- some small, some big. Just a heads up before you commit and are neck deep into the project.
By adam lavery
good to know tommoris22 i will bear that in mind......... truth is as a first build i wasn't going all out for super duper hero screen accurate. i could have gone for a kit but i thought i would challenge myself. i think i can achieve the level of quality and visuals i am after, but i am continuing research before i start chopping..... i am currently deciding between XPS and wood or a mix of the 2 for my build.

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