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Unfortunately I didn’t come across this thread before ordering a completed pack in August. It was listed for sale on his site, in bold, as a 4-8 week build. After 5 months patiently waiting with terrible communications I gave him a Christmas delivery ultimatum that he agreed to, telling me he’d soon provide shipping info. Of course he didn’t and never shipped anything. Afterward, with buyer protections expiring, I demanded a refund that he denied and I was forced to dispute for non-delivery. Luckily, PayPal got me my money back as he refused.

I don’t know if he had any intention to build or deliver the pack. But he took my money, strung me along for half the year, communicated miserably, made promises he didn’t keep, didn’t deliver anything... and then tried to keep the money.

I implore you - DO NOT do business with this seller.
I'm sorry you went through that. I'm curious to know how bad someone needs to be as a seller before they're placed on the banned list here. The only person who seems to have had a positive transaction with this guy was the person who was going to give him some press via his YouTube channel.
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So, a little info I found about "Gregors", the 9nly person to give him a glowing review. When he posted here he said he was just a fan, new to the hobby. If you follow his review link you'll see his name is Greg Burke. The funny thing is that is you go to KnowonesDesign's Linktree you'll see that their twitter link takes you straight to Greg Burke's twitter account. This loser had his buddy (business partner?) post a shill review for him. Idiot....
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