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By iamroguesniper
Does anyone know the name or type of alarm used for the shutdown alarm on the containment unit. It sounds like an old mechanical alarm but I can't find any info or anything that sound like it.
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By Kingpin
Generally speaking it may be a variation of an air horn, but whether the sound as it exists in the movie came from one, or was the product of sound studio mixing would be up for debate.
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By mrmichaelt
It could be an alarm or it could be a mix of different sounds. In Cleanin' Up The Town, Richard Begger - the sound designer - talked about using a mix of, including using a wild cat I think for Ecto-1's FX. So who knows with the Containment Unit's alarm, he might have mixed a goose in there for the final sound.
By iamroguesniper
Sorry the late response. Had forgot about the post. Was wondering if it was a physical alarm. Wanted to get one for the workshop. Sounds like something of an old navy ship.
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By Kingpin
As noted above, we have no idea if the sound effect featured in the film was unedited, or if it'd been mixed in a studio... Even if we knew for sure it was from a real alarm, we'd have no way to know which vintage alarm the sound came from. :(
By South Suburbs GBFan
It's a stock sound effect. My high school used it in a production of Harvey back in '05. When I heard it, I went "Oh, it's the containment unit sound." I wish I could tell you which one.
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